Joe Manganiello

You probably thinking who the hell is Joe Manganiello? Well I would have thought that too until I started watching True Blood that is. A dirty, gritty version of Vampire Diaries and Twilight and any other vampire movie or show you can think of. For those of you rooting for team Jacob but feel a tad bit uncomfortable perving and drooling all over a 17-year-old boy I’ve got good news for you.

Enter. Joe Manganiello.

Remember this guy?

Flash Thompson?

That obnoxious jock?

From Spiderman 1?

Yeah, so?

You thinking where is all this heading, well ladies little Joe has grown up into a really hot werewolf. You can catch him in all his glory on Trueblood.

Enjoy. Drool. Just spare the private time gory details.


6 thoughts on “Joe Manganiello

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