Finally a freak no more

The one thing I like about getting older is that it becomes perfectly acceptable to have quiet weekends spent at home doing absolutely nothing. When I was younger most people/friends expects one to be out and about every waking moment of the weekend. How exhausting, right?

I finally don’t have to act as if I’m a normal person and whilst pretending to enjoy myself. At parties I find it particularly hard as I sometimes need to go to the bathroom just to give myself a time out from the crowd. But with age comes confidence and I don’t feel the constant pressure to apologise to wanting to go home early. I get to decide when is enough. Clubbing is something I now only do occasionally. I’d rather be in a restaurant or pub with a few close friends.

I answer only to myself and my happiness (not pleasing others) is what is most important to me.

Happiness - photo of coffee shop window

Happiness - photo of coffee shop window



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Too good not to share

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Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions for Introverts

      Comebacks to the clueless things people say to introverts.

Why are you so quiet?

  • I’m listening to the voices in my head.
  • Somebody has to be.
  • I’m studying to be a mime.


  • Why?
  • I can’t. Tragic Botox incident.
  • I will when you go away.

Why are you always so serious?

  • I’m only serious on the outside. I’m partying on the inside.
  • Always? Have you been stalking me?
  • Because the universe is expanding, and if it’s expanding, someday it will break apart and that would be the end of everything!

Are you mad?

  • No, just eccentric.
  • Why, what have you done?
  • Not yet.

Do you hate people?

  • Not all people.
  • Only people who ask me that question.
  • No, they’re delicious with a nice Chianti. (Thanks Hannibal Lector)

Are you a snob?

  • No, I’m a slob. That must have been a typo.
  • Of course not. I’m here, aren’t I?
  • No, I pride myself on my low standards.

You look bored.

  • Don’t be so hard on yourself.
  • This is my rapt face.
  • Only when you talk.

You don’t know how to have fun.

  • Sure I do. Tell me when it starts.
  • I didn’t know “fun” was a synonym for “loud.”
  • You’re right, I’m outta here.
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Yes really, Yes again

Why do people find it so hard to believe that I am quite happy to stay home and read my book. during the week I work hard and after work I usually have classes. So when weekend rolls around all I want is some downtime after being around others the whole week. I need some alone time to recharge my lil introverted batteries.

And contrary to popular belief reading is fun. I am capable of shaking my booty till 4 in the morning to but I choose not to. The first phase of my youth (and I refuse to say ‘when I was young’ cos well I still am young) was spent on clubbing and parties, my second phase will be spent doing things that really makes me happy. Life’s too short to spend in a dark room with strobe lights, loud music and meeting people where generally no lasting connections will made.

So tonight I will be snuggling up in bed with my book after all it’s winter, it’s really cold and wet out.

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Yes I’m an introvert and no it’s not a chronic disease

A while ago I took a personality test and the results showed me that I am an introvert. I already knew this because even as a child I always preferred being on my own and doing my own thing but with the below explanation I now understand why. What most people don’t seem to understand is that it is not something you choose to be; you either born an introvert or an extrovert.

The proper definition of an introvert is someone whose energy is recharged by being alone and who will feel drained of energy when around other people. Many people think introverts are shy or quiet but this is not the case because around my friends and family I am quite loud and uninhibited. I only have a few close friends( I prefer this than to having 100 acquaintances) whom I can have deep conversations with – I don’t do chit chat or small talk. I refuse to talk to someone I barely know about the sports or the weather quite frankly I’d much prefer just being with my own thoughts then.

I generally don’t like parties and am usually the first one looking for the exit but am sometimes bullied into staying longer by my extraverted counterparts who get their energy from being around people and cannot understand why I do not feel the same. If you do happen to spot me at a party you’ll find me sitting with one or two people in a corner or quiet area having a converstion.

In meetings and discussions I cannot make on the spot decisions like extraverts, I prefer to think things over before making a commitment or decision. This doesn’t mean that I am dense I just process information differently. Most of the worlds greatest thinkers and inventors were introverts; all that time alone and you bound to make some kind of a discovery.

I love reading and can do so for hours on end. Or wathcing my favorite TV series. For me that is an escape and not a dance club full of people I don’t know. People like saying to me ‘oh but you’re so boring’ or ‘you should get out more often’ or wait for it, my personal favorite  ‘how you going to get a boyfriend if you dont go out often ‘ A) I don’t happen to find my activities boring B) I get out often enough and C) I’ll meet someone doing something I love as opposed to being forced to go out just for the sake of hooking up with someone.

Being an introvert is also why I prefer running, playing squash and yoga. It’s something you can do either alone or with  one other person. Even surfing it’s just me and the waves. I didn’t last long playing soccer, way too many people way too often.

Some of my pet peeves include: people showing up at my house unanounnced, my phone ringing, people constantly asking me if I’m ok(yes I’m ok this is just how my face looks), being disturbed when I am busy whether it is at work or when I’m at home relaxing. It might seem as if I’m anti-social; but really I am not. I love going out and spending time with my friends but will not be able to do so if I don’t get enough alone time.

So I’m finally done apologising for who I am and will not be guilt tripped into doing anything or going anywhere I don’t want to.