The journey so far

So it has now been exactly 3 months since I started my healthy living plan (healthy eating and exercise). So far I have lost 10kg over a period of 3 months. The weight loss has not been fast nor easy but I am slowly starting to change the way I think and feel about food. I am also more dedicated than ever to reach my goal weight.

I decided to take my doctor’s advice and eat a low carb high fat diet. The LCHF diet has been met with lots of skepticism and there is a bit of controversy around it. That means no rice, no potatoes, no pasta, no bread. As you can imagine this is not easy. Eating gluten free can be very expensive and time consuming as many of the things that I want to eat I have to make from scratch. You literally have to change the way you shop and you will start eating (and liking) vegetables you never thought you would. To help me know what to eat and what not to eat I purchased Tim Noakes’ Real Meal Revolution Cookbook.

For me the hardest food to give up was potatoes. I rarely eat bread or rice so that was easy but potatoes is on a another level. Fried, baked, roasted, mashed – you make it, I’ll eat it. So when cauliflower was suggested as a substitute for mash I was like no way! I gave it a try and I was not disappointed. I now can’t remember what mashed potatoes taste like anymore that’s how good cauli-mash is.

The other thing that I was sad to give up was flour and baking. I recently discovered my love for baking last December so when the Real Meal Revolution Cookbook said no flour or grains of any kind I was deeply saddened. There are alternatives to normal cake flour namely almond and coconut flour but these items are pricey so baking is restricted to once or twice a month now.

I’m also jogging a minimum of 4 days a week now. I am currently training and preparing for my first 5k race which is happening Sunday 29th March. I did say that my ankle problem will not hold me back and it seems the more I jog the less it pains. When I started this everything was difficult but with each passing day it’s feeling more like a lifestyle choice than a chore. I hope that I remain consistent this time as I do like the results that I am seeing and feeling.


10 Things learnt this week

Today’s list is from one of my faithful readers and my awesome Italian teacher. Read more about her school here. Her travel blog will be up and running soon and I will share the link in due time. Please visit my Contact Me page if you would like to share your list of 10 things learnt.

I love your posts on the 10 things you have learnt every week. It is not easy to do it.

Here is mine ( It may just be what I have learnt in MY LIFE, never mind this WEEK)

1) matching colours makes me really happier
2) I was born as a future teacher
3) I can multitask and I love it
4) creativity is something you either have or don’t
5) writing is as therapeutic as doing yoga
6) I definitely don’t like working with music in the background at all!
7) to find excuses to exercise for me is a daily habit
8) I really like white food, white furniture and white objects
9) I have too many lovely people around to waste my attention on uber sensitive people
10) clumsy people make me laugh a lot


New Year’s Resolutions

My resolution for 2011 was simple: Whatever I decided to do I must follow through with it – no matter how big or small. I wanted to learn Italian. Tick. I wanted to learn how to surf. Tick. I wanted to learn to play the guitar. Semi-tick. I got the guitar and started with lessons but stopped halfway through the year. I just wanted to do something different from the old clichés of giving up smoking or losing weight (YAWN). Obviously I still want rock hard six-pack abs without having to workout and eating everything and anything my little heart desires, I mean who doesn’t.

For 2012 though I’m also going to keep it simple, so my resolutions are as follows:

  1. Continue with my Italian lessons.
  2. Learn to ride a motorbike and get my license.
  3. Mentor an orphan.
  4. Try one new thing every month.
  5. Finish 1st year Bachelor of Arts – Languages, Literature and Creative Writing

Care to share yours?


10 things I have learnt this week

1. I’ve missed Sunday morning tea and koeksisters.

2. Apparently I can cook.

3. My goals and dreams keep me going.

4. I miss walking and exercise. Must invest in bicycle.

5. Kindle for PC is cool.

6. I still love studying.

7. Practise really does make perfect.

8. I’m not as patient as I would like to believe I am.

9. I’d make a great travel planner.

10. I haven’t watched TV in so long that I can’t remember when last I did.