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10 Things that make me realise I am getting older

cassette and pencil

1. I know what the co-relation is between a VHS cassette and a spoon as well as a mix tape cassette and a pencil.

2. I refer to tv shows and cartoons that my younger cousins have never heard of and love the confused and surprised faces when I know all about a new movie that was based on an old show.

3. I can no longer do hand stands.

4. For some reason I can’t dance until sunrise and still be fresh and rested after only 2 hours of sleep. What’s even more amazing is that I really don’t care.

5. Gravity is becoming harder to fight, and I was never great at physics anyway.

6. I can say “Oh I used to wear those when I was younger” when a ‘new’ fashion trend emerges.

7. I’m a decade closer to life beginning at 40.

8. These new fangled rap stars do not have a clue what real rap or hip hop is about.

9. Beetles weren’t Bugs and Minis weren’t Coopers.

10. Floppy’s and stiffy’s were computer disks – no innuendo intended.

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Hoodies – uniform of the future

I can’t remember a time before hoodies, all I know is that I can’t picture my life without ’em as it is the perfect protection against the cold.

Its origins dates back to the Middle Ages and it was initially only worn by Catholic monks. In the same way that Levi Strauss jeans wear was born by producing sturdy work pants for miners thus the modern-day version of the hoodie was first produced by Champion in the 1930’s for workers in New York’s frozen warehouses before becoming a mainstream fashion item.

In the 70’s when the Hip Hop culture was born the hoodie started gaining popularity but it wasn’t until it appeared in the blockbuster Rocky that it became famous. The trend continued to spread from skateboarders, surfers to rappers and even designers using it in their ranges.

However in certain countries such as the UK the hoodie is soon as the criminals uniform and many shopping centres/malls have banned shoppers from wearing it.  Police in Wynnum, Brisbane (Australia) has launched a ‘Hoodie Free Zone’ initiative in 2011 encouraging shopkeepers to ask hoodie wearers to leave their stores. New Zealand has a “National Hoody Day”, a pro-youth initiative launched in 2008 to challenge youth stereotypes and in Greece after the 2008 riots a party member addressed Parliament and requested that anyone wearing a hood, for any reason, be taken to court.

The world wants to ban scarves now hoodies so seriously, what’s next?

Source: Wikipedia

Read more here about the beloved hoodie:

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Do not try this at home

Ok so I went through this really bad phase when all I watched were dance movies. All the Step Up’s, Fame, Make it happen, Centre stage, You got served, Save the last dance and some other titles I can’t even think of right now. Obviously after watching movies like this all you wanna then do is dance.

This then inspired me to go for dance classes, I asked around and a colleague of mine mentioned that she goes to hip hop dance classes at the Waterfront Theatre School. Didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would, it was a great workout but felt restricted as I had to follow the instructors steps when all I wanted to do is break free and freestyle. Isn’t that what hip hop dancing is all about? And it felt a little like ballet, still I would have gone back but classes starts so late and most days I wouldn’t have been able to make it.

Then as a birthday gift to my best friend I signed us up for a dance worshop which included pole dancing, zumba and cabaret. It was loads of fun and I now have a new found respect for strippers and pole dancers. You’ve got to be extremely fit to be able to do this and look sexy. It also takes alot of skill and hardwork as I found out when after the first few steps I was panting like a dog, practically collapsed and turned into a human puddle (seriously not very attractive). I would have had any man running miles after showing him my “routine” and was so grateful when it all came to an end. We did our cabaret dance routine after this which at least involved a chair allowing me to catch me breath and sneak in a few puffs from my asthma pump.

Still it was money well spent as they also provide snacks and beverages in between dance session. And because I’m a sucker for punishment I think I might sign up for Latin dance classes or tap dancing. I haven’t tried it yet and then I’ll be able to tick it off my bucket list cos nobody puts Baby in a corner.

And no this is not me in these pictures