My curriculum vitae aka the quilt

A quilt is traditionally composed of three layers, it  is distinguishable because it is pieced together from several pieces – modified definition to suit my purposes.

This is what I think my CV look likes – I’ve had 7 ‘real’ jobs before the age of 30. Back in the day when people finished school and started working for a company it was for good. You started in your early 20’s and worked until retirement, loyalty to the company and all that. These days however people today (myself included) our loyalties are really only to ourselves.

Speaking for myself I’m curious by nature, always wanting to learn something and I get bored easily. This is why after a year in any job I’m just about ready to move on to the next thing although generally I stay in a post for 2 years at most. People are always making this big deal about moving around too much and telling you how bad it looks that you can never seem to stay in one job long enough.

What’s so bad about having a diverse working background? You probably better equipped to come up with solutions because you can be more objective and your knowledge and experience is not restricted to one industry/field.


17 Again

Please note that this post does not refer to the Zac Efron movie. Do not bother scrolling down any further as there will be no topless pictures of Zac Efron.

I don’t believe in having regrets, things happen for a reason and this has helped shape the person I became. If I did however get a do-over there would be a few things I would have done differently especially with regards to my career. I feel the school system and sometimes parents are ill-equipped to guide high schoolers onto the correct career path. Today most people have more than one career anyway so it is absurd to think that a young and naive 17 year old knows what they want to be when they grow up. For those of us who didn’t spend our days dreaming about becoming doctors or astronauts or knowing exactly what we wanted to be, we were pretty much lost in a labyrinth of choices.

Those career ‘tests’ they make you take can be misleading even more so when you are still trying to figure out who you are . Because they have our best interest at heart adults also tend to steer you away from a career in the arts as they are worried that you will have no job stability/security. A career in fashion does not mean a life as a struggling up and coming designer nor does a passion for the Arts mean that you are doomed to be a starving writer/painter. There is a plethora of options out there from Fabric Technologist to Copywriter to Graphic designer so we must not discourage anyone from doing what they are drawn to.

Just imagine what we would be capable of if we were all encouraged from a very age to follow our dreams no matter how obscure and to nurture our talents? I’m not blaming anyone  for the fact that it took me years to not only discover what I truly love but also to have the confidence to pursue these dreams and not caring what anyone least of all society thinks. Yes, we all need to make a living to survive but I believe now more than ever that I have to do things that brings me joy and happiness. I cannot waste another year, month, week, day or even a minute of my life on things that simply do not matter to me.

We spend so many hours of our lives at work that it is our duty to ensure it is spent doing something we care about and to surround ourselves with like-minded people to inspire us. I challange all my readers to think back to the last time they were truly happy and do whatever it is to get that feeling back.

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Career crossroads

Back in high school you basically brainwashed into thinking you can do and be anything. Yes my guidance counseller was right about all the opportunites out there. But nobody really guides into making an informed decision. Everyone is all about “If you can dream it, you can be it” Guys that’s not helping.

The problem that I’m faced with today and quite possibly many other young adults is that we are spoilt for choice. There are just so many things one can become how exactly does one decide. Even after doing personality tests to see which career you would be best suited for, some of the suggestions doesn’t seem like anything you would want to do.

At the moment I’m torn between staying in Fashion Retail (the current industry I’m working in) – I love fashion and got years of experience.

Working for a fashion magazine – I love magazines and writing. Could read since I was 4 years old.

Teaching languages  – I love languages and am currently learning Italian. Last year I did beginner’s Mandarin Chinese. And I bought myself some German CD’s.

Being a tour/travel guide – my sandboarding guide gave me ‘ a day in the life of’ and I was intrigued. After taking us sandboarding he had another group of people who he was taking skydiving. I’m definitely brave and adventurous to do something like that. and come on who doesn’t love to travel. See new place. Meet new people.

I’m almost 30 and I still feel confused. Is it possible to do it and have it all? And telling me to turn my hobby into a career is not helping. Quarter life crises are not fun and seeing so many other successful people who look as if they love what they doing makes me wonder if there is something wrong with me. And how long can I still keep saying “I’m young and there’s plenty of time”?

A major career change will also be difficult. I might have study again or start at the bottom of the ladder to gain experience.

My last resort is going to be me consulting a magic 8-ball for the answer to my life’s questions.


not another interview…argh!

In my quest to find my dream job I’ve been applying for better positions at my current company Woolworths one of SA’s largest fashion retailers. It’s not just an interview either it’s a project that I need to complete and present to a panel of judges. I’ve had quite a few of these interviews already and I think this is what Idols contestants must feel like minus the millions of people watching at home of course. So now I’ve got a week of research ahead and will be sleep deprived and cranky, oh no wait I’m always sleep deprived and cranky.