It’s an epidemic

They’re cute and everywhere.

old school

new school



And when you fall off just get right back on

Learning to ride a motorbike is quite scary and ever since I’ve started learning how to ride I have personally witnessed 2 accidents. Motorists just don’t seem to see people on bikes or they don’t care by presuming that cars always have right of way over motorcycles. In both instances these accidents were not the bikers fault. This hasn’t deterred me nor does it stop me from taking pictures of Vespas whenever I see one.

Green with envy

Up close and personal

Money, travel

It’s like riding a bicycle…

…you never really forget. I sincerely hope this saying is true as end of this month will see me buying one and riding it to work. I haven’t ridden a bicycle since I was 10 years old but how hard can it be right? One of the things that I loved about Barcelona other than the awesome public transportation system was the fact that most people rode bicycles or scooters. I will be emulating this in my life by cycling to work everyday and have also made an appointment to get my learners license for a motorcycle. This way I can lose weight, save money and reduce my carbon footprint all in one go.

And what’s a circa1982 post without any pretty pictures?