What I will miss most about Cape Town

When you’re busy planning an adventure of a lifetime you tend to only look forward to all the new discoveries you will experience. I am bracing myself for a major culture as I have never travelled anywhere near to Asia. So it is then easy to forget that I will be leaving behind the most amazing place to live. Tourists flock here every year to marvel at Cape Towns beauty and despite warning about the high crime rate they leave speaking highly not only of the sights but the warm Cape Town hospitality. I’ve compiled a list of what I believe I will miss the most:

The view from where I live, i.e. the first thing I see everyday. Not waking up to this even for just a few days is hard, hell going for a drive on the other side of the mountain is hard. I am always amazed how excited I get when it comes into view whether is was for a few hours or days that I did not see it. I have never not appreciated this view and never get tired of it.

Table Mountain

Devil’s Peak

Lions Head

South African treats and snacks like biltong, mebos and my favourite chips Nik Naks – I will be grateful and forever indebted to the one who would send me care packages filled with these treats. Other food stuff that I will miss: Koeksisters, Samoosa, Salomies (curry wrapped in roti), Full House steak sandwiches, Fish and Chips (not only a British thing), Ostrich, Gatsby’s (foot long rolls filled with meat, chips and salad), Malva pudding and custard and the list goes on.

biltong, mebos, nik naks


Exploring Chapmans Peak

The beaches, yes I know I am going to a place renowned for its beaches but it’s just not the same. Maybe I like the long drives to the beaches more, I don’t know but it will be missed. Little harbours like Simonstown, Houtbay and Kalk bay – the train ride/journey along the beach is what makes visiting these places memorable.

Kalk bay

Long Street – there is a lot of hype around this one street even though Kloof street which is further along has just has many cool eating places to visit. It does however hold little gems like the hidden away sushi place Bamboo that I love and Lola’s which makes a cheesecake so delicious I would sell my mother for it and Royale Eatery famous for its gourmet burgers that will have you licking your fingers when you’re done.

Long Street Cafe, Long Street

And so many other little things like people watchings in St. Georges Mall, feeding squirrels at the Company Gardens, Minibus taxis.

Stall at St. Georges Mall

Life, travel

The Reluctant Nomad

I moved around a lot as a child, by a lot I mean I’ve lived in over 20 different places . I must add that I have always hated it. I am someone who craves stability  and whilst growing up and all I wanted was to stay in one place long enough to put down some roots. As I was quiet and shy growing up I found it hard to make friends and the constant upheaval of packing up and moving on to the next place made this so much harder.

However as much as I hated moving all the time I have now done it so often that I have gotten used to it and for the first time in years I am seeing the positives that this taught me.

  • I have learnt that home is not a place where you have lived for over 20 years but the family and friends who are a part of your life. Home is a feeling.
  • I do not own a lot of material things nor do I attach value to it – the less things I have to cart around the better.
  • I do not get emotionally attached to any new place which makes moving onto the next one easy.
  • I am always appreciative of the roof over my head. Why complain about moving when I actually still have a place to live? There are people less fortunate than me.

I am hoping that these life lessons will stand me in good stead when I embark on my next travelling adventure.

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What the hell? There’s a mountain in the city?!

Not many people can say that they live in a city surrounded by a mountain and the sea. I feel extremely fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Cape Town as been voted one of the best places to travel to on numerous occasions. I think it’s amazing that I am able to walk outside my front door and am able to see the mountain from where I live.

Cape Townians are generally very laid-back some say too laid-back but we are also very friendly and hospitable. The great thing about living here is that there is always something to do. From the scenic wine routes along Stellenbosch to Cape Point where the 2 oceans meet to our beautiful beaches where one can surf, kayak and if you love the mountains there’s hiking, abseiling and no trip to Cape Town will be complete without taking the cable car up to Table Mountain.

It’s not just a destination for someone who loves the outdoors we also have vibrant night life where you can club hop working your way along the famous Long street. Lots of live bands and comedic performances across the city as we have a plethora of talent. Cape Town is also home to many museums, art galleries, flea markets (don’t forget to check out the antique flea market close to Long Street) and many boutique stores. Be sure to visit the Neighbourhood market at Old Biscuit Mill in Lower Woodstock.

So if you’ve never been here start planning that trip and if you already live here don’t miss out on all that Cape Town has to offer.