What I will miss most about Cape Town

When you’re busy planning an adventure of a lifetime you tend to only look forward to all the new discoveries you will experience. I am bracing myself for a major culture as I have never travelled anywhere near to Asia. So it is then easy to forget that I will be leaving behind the most amazing place to live. Tourists flock here every year to marvel at Cape Towns beauty and despite warning about the high crime rate they leave speaking highly not only of the sights but the warm Cape Town hospitality. I’ve compiled a list of what I believe I will miss the most:

The view from where I live, i.e. the first thing I see everyday. Not waking up to this even for just a few days is hard, hell going for a drive on the other side of the mountain is hard. I am always amazed how excited I get when it comes into view whether is was for a few hours or days that I did not see it. I have never not appreciated this view and never get tired of it.

Table Mountain

Devil’s Peak

Lions Head

South African treats and snacks like biltong, mebos and my favourite chips Nik Naks – I will be grateful and forever indebted to the one who would send me care packages filled with these treats. Other food stuff that I will miss: Koeksisters, Samoosa, Salomies (curry wrapped in roti), Full House steak sandwiches, Fish and Chips (not only a British thing), Ostrich, Gatsby’s (foot long rolls filled with meat, chips and salad), Malva pudding and custard and the list goes on.

biltong, mebos, nik naks


Exploring Chapmans Peak

The beaches, yes I know I am going to a place renowned for its beaches but it’s just not the same. Maybe I like the long drives to the beaches more, I don’t know but it will be missed. Little harbours like Simonstown, Houtbay and Kalk bay – the train ride/journey along the beach is what makes visiting these places memorable.

Kalk bay

Long Street – there is a lot of hype around this one street even though Kloof street which is further along has just has many cool eating places to visit. It does however hold little gems like the hidden away sushi place Bamboo that I love and Lola’s which makes a cheesecake so delicious I would sell my mother for it and Royale Eatery famous for its gourmet burgers that will have you licking your fingers when you’re done.

Long Street Cafe, Long Street

And so many other little things like people watchings in St. Georges Mall, feeding squirrels at the Company Gardens, Minibus taxis.

Stall at St. Georges Mall


Expect the Unexpected

I’m not a 5-star restaurant, 3-course meal kinda girl. I like eating at places that are out of way, hidden away and that’s got an edge or grit to it. This is why I love Mr. Pickwicks in Long Street. I’ve been going there for the past few years, not often but whenever I do go I enjoy myself.

Last week Friday I went to go see the burlesque show that takes place at Pickwicks every Friday.  It turned out to be traditional african dance instead of burlesque but I enjoyed the show none the less. I’ve said this before but seriously they make the best milkshake ever and they have some really unique flavours. I took some pictures of the art that adorned the walls.

Mona Lisa in Africa

A helping hand

Stairway art

Take a glimpse into your future


Cape Town is home

So you know how I’m always waxing lyrical about how all I want to do is travel? Well I figured whilst I’m still busy saving every penny I make I might as well be a tourist in my own city. Cape Town is after all beautiful and the best city in the world and it’s not hard to see why.

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Aah this is the (night) life!

We acquired a little stalker called Memet who found us outside the foreign exchange office, he persuaded to us to visit his carpet shop and offered us…yes…tea!!! Brave little tourists that we are, we followed him along back roads to his shop and luckily no harm befell us.

Tea went down without incident, he then offered to take us around and show us what Turkish night life is all about and I’m glad we took him up on his offer. He took us to a restaurant that had traditional Turkish music and dance and showed us the nightclub hotspots. We ended off the night by smoking a hookah pipe and even though it was a very chilled and relaxed evening the city was literally abuzz on a Wednesday night.I’m still amazed at Istanbul’s thriving night life, the vibe and atmosphere along Istikal Street and at Taksim Square is something that I wish would catch on in Cape Town. Long street literally needs to bow its head in shame.

The following night after having been shown the ropes we ventured out on our own and club hopped where every single place we passed they were trying to lure us in with free drinks. If only clubs in Cape Town made half the effort. We also somehow acquired another not-so-little-stalker this time but we managed to get rid of him, being too friendly does have its disadvantages. However it was on our way back to our hostel that evening that we stumbled upon this alleyway/street where there were pillows on the ground outside a bar with people chilling and chatting to friends as if sitting in the street at 2am is the most normal thing on earth to do.

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I’ll take 2 pleated leather skirts to go , pretty please.

I got the opportunity to catch up with fashion designer Thulare Monareng at her store Fashion Collage Deli in Long Street. Thulare has lived all over the world from New York, Belgium and Johannesburg, but after helping her cousin one weekend move down to Cape Town she decided to settle down here as well.

She has always wanted a concept store and created something that is very unique. Here you’ll enter a world where rails have been replaced by milk crates and cold drink refrigerators (people thought she was crazy by wanting to buy old broken fridges) to display the clothes and merchandise. Not wanting to compromise the integrity of the store space by drilling holes into the exposed brick walls it was left as is which gives it an old school feel.

It’s quite funny seeing the curious looks on the faces of passerby’s whilst they’re trying to figure out if it is a coffee shop. This apparently is quite normal as people occasionally walk in looking to buy airtime or biscuits.

After having achieved so much from presenting at Fashion Week to having her range sold at Woolworths, finally opening her own store March this year is her proudest achievement to date. Apart from her own label her store also houses a few local designers. Thulare feels very passionately about finding and nurturing local talent as well as only using local manufacturers. Plans are underway to open a CMT to make local production easier yet at the same time empowering the people employed.

Going green seems to be the way forward for many fashion retailers but for designers starting their own label she feels that fair trade is a much more important and less challenging.

Another challenge within the industry apart from acquiring finance she says that SA is not really geared to help the young designer. Her suggestion is that there should be buyers ready to buy ranges presented at fashion weeks and that the events should be more exclusive than what it currently is.

When asked what her favourite piece of clothing is that she designed without hesitating she replied it is her pleated leather skirt. One of her favourite designers is Tom Ford as she believes he lives his brand not only through his designs but also his business ethos. She is also living her brand and as an African woman
she wants to show African fashion in the best possible light and hoping to soon open a store in Johannesburg.

There has also been lots of interest in the store from the US and Europe. Future plans include hiring a PR agent to handle the marketing. Up until now she has been very fortunate in the sense that almost every week the store has been in some form of media. Also on the last Thursday or Friday of every month Fashion Collage Deli hosts an event that centres around some form of art whether it’s an art exhibition, poetry reading, a film screening or live music.

Her advice to anyone aspiring to work within the fashion industry is to be passionate, committed and tenacious as it is very hard and challenging to be your own boss. Find people who will help you and be thick-skinned, keep going until someone says yes as you will hear a lot of no’s.

Fashion Collage Deli 219 – 223 Long Street, Cape Town. (021) 422 2774

Monday – Friday 9:00 – 17:00 and Saturday 9:00 – 13:00