The 2 years leading up to 2010 has been traumatic, I lost people who were very dear to me and decided from that moment to live with integrity, in a nutshell do what you say you will do. After giving up on all the excuses as to why I couldn’t do certain things eg. “I don’t have money” or “I don’t have time” I discovered that anything is possible. Life’s too short anyway.

50 facts about me:

  1. I am an introvert
  2. I love to read, could read by the age of 4 and can’t live without books, magazines, anything printed really.
  3. Afternoon naps are little slices of heaven
  4. I love the colour turquoise
  5. I love trying new things if my ever-increasing bucket list is anything to go by
  6. I love learning different languages and can speak English, Afrikaans, Italian and a little bit of Mandarin
  7. I only recently discovered that I enjoy writing
  8. For some strange reason I really don’t like the colour red
  9. I have this uncontrollable urge to travel the world
  10. I only eat rice when I’m eating sushi
  11. Not afraid of snakes, spiders or mice but will shriek like a girl when I see a cockroach
  12. Fashion fascinates me
  13. I despise chain letters/mail
  14. I don’t watch TV but I’m a series junkie
  15. I don’t really like chocolate
  16. I only wear flats and can’t wear heels – life’s too short
  17. Chameleons are cute I want one as a pet
  18. I own an acoustic guitar and I am teaching myself to play
  19. Surfing is a great workout especially because it does not feel like one
  20. Music is like balm for my soul
  21. Nothing beats dancing like nobody’s watching
  22. I can’t cook and have no desire to learn how to either
  23. Obsessed with all things old school
  24. Big nerdy glasses are cool
  25. I’m wearing high-top Chuck Taylors when I get married
  26. The one place I dream of going to more than any other is New York City
  27. I can’t sleep with socks on, I just can’t
  28. There is no such thing as too much wasabi
  29. I wish all bras could be burnt
  30. Cartoons makes the world a better place
  31. Avada Kedavra to all the spreadsheets
  32. I do believe in fairies, I do, I do
  33. Exercise is a dirty word
  34. Love starting a sentence with And or Because (I’m a rebel)
  35. Greek and Egyptian mythology is very interesting
  36. I’d trade gold for silver
  37. I am not a morning person – only speak to me before noon in the event of a death or fire.
  38. Pretentious people really bug me
  39. I have an unhealthy obsession with Rocky Balboa
  40. If you don’t know who Columbo is then we can’t be friends
  41. I’d kill for a lifetime of free internet connection
  42. I find clowns to be very scary as well as ventriloquist dolls and the teletubbies
  43. I crave salt daily
  44.  I have the ugliest laugh ever
  45. I’m not photogenic
  46. I’m a very punctual person and I loathe it when people show up late
  47. Only visit me if you have made an appointment – I do not care much for unannounced guest/visitors
  48. I believe money should be spent on experiences or helping people NOT on things
  49. Love the smell of freshly cut grass, the ocean, rain, sun-kissed skin, freshly washed linen, lemongrass and cinnamon
  50. I don’t drink coffee but I adore tea especially Chai so I guess that makes me 1/16th British
  51. Oops, I did say 50 but what list would be complete without this –  I really do want
    world peace

14 thoughts on “About

  1. strawberryjamntoast says:

    Hey there 🙂 Just stumbled across your blog. Sorry you’ve had a rough time, but you’re list sounds very positive – I definitely agree with no. 21, and (when I’m in a good mood) the rest of that poem:

    “You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
    Love like you’ll never be hurt,
    Sing like there’s nobody listening,
    And live like it’s heaven on earth.”

  2. The Human spirit is really amazing..we gt hurt and then we find a way to pick ourselves up , dust it off and learn 🙂 I share a lot of your passions and agree with a lot of your list:) Keep at it ! Nothing like living life on the edge 🙂

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