10 Things I have learnt this week

  1. I am a terrible patient – just leave me the hell alone!
  2. There is such a thing as too much studying.
  3. Too many public holidays confuse me. Is it Tuesday? Saturday? Thursday? Someone please tell me what day it is!
  4. A R99 (£8/€10/$12) phone is not so bad. I can make calls and send messages – isn’t that what phones are supposed to do?
  5. I finally know how to load film into an analogue camera. And some cameras can work without batteries.
  6. After some practise shopping is something one can become good at.
  7. Sometimes the least expensive thing holds the most value.
  8. It’s amazing how you can find someone with common interests even if they live on a different continent and even if you have never met.
  9. All a girl really needs is a bag with enough space to carry her phone, keys, money and lip gloss.
  10. Socks are over rated.


Did I say I was a technophobe? I think I might have. But after doing a quick inventory of what I have in my bag, this is what I discovered.

1. Cellphone (Can text, take pics, send emails, use as GPS, check facebook and oh yes call my family and friends)

2. MP3 player (Can hold over 10 000 songs, I think)

3. Camera (10 megapixels, nothing less)

4. Flash drive (Can save all the records of a small country)

5. USB modem (Can move faster than the speed of light and sound)

6. And enough cables to power said small country

Have you also fallen victim to technology?

Gosh I really wish I had a portable hard drive.

In other words I made a minor typo, I’m a technofreak.