How not to quit your job

So it’s official. I’ve resigned. It’s scary because I’m someone who needs stability, who needs to know where the next paycheck is coming from. So handing in my resignation without another job lined up immediately is a daunting prospect. I think all of us at some stage dreams of quitting our crappy jobs to go travelling but making that a reality is not always possible. I recently read this humourous post on Matador and sums up how I feel.

As much as we fantasize about telling ‘the man’ to stick we just can’t burn our bridges or flip them the bird. We’ve got to be professional people. So here’s how not to quit your job:

1. Don’t give last-minute notice – give the necessary two weeks or one month. Yes we live in an age where we are all pretty much dispensable but leaving unexpectedly will put your team under pressure (this is of course for people who actually like their colleagues and made friends along the way)

2. Don’t post a video to YouTube telling your boss to take a hike – this will not look good for future employment prospects if your video has gone viral.

3. Once you’ve resigned and you are working out your notice period still do the stellar job that you have become known for – bear in mind someone else will be taking over from you and you wouldn’t want to take over from someone who left their desk and work in shambles.

4. Don’t go around complaining to everyone about how you hate the job and your company and how you can’t wait to leave. Remember this sucky job got you to the next level.

5. Don’t be too honest about when or why you are leaving as some companies may use this information to their advantage.

6. Don’t threaten to quit via Facebook or Twitter especially if your boss is an online friend of yours.

7. Never be rude or disrespectful to your boss or HR once you have officially resigned – who knows, you might find your way back to the same company some time in the future.


10 Things I have learnt this week

Here is something that I have not done in a very long time. Enjoy!

1. Poetry was never something I liked or even understood but I discovered quite enjoy writing my own poetry.

2. To be more creative you have to actively do things that encourages your creative side to come out to play.

3. Apparently everything I thought I knew about taking photographs was wrong. Your subject must not be in the centre, grin or say cheese.

4. Platform wedges are actually very comfortable.

5. I am becoming seriously addicted to facial masks.

6. Training myself to start running again is not easy. Not impossible though and at the same time easier than I thought it would be.

7. Sometimes retail therapy is good.

8. Realised that I am glad that I never wanted to be one of the cool kids.

9. There is a good way to resign from your job but proceed with caution (I will be writing a post on this soon)

10. My life revolves around ensuring all my batteries are always fully charged (no pun/innuendo intended)