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When funny isn’t funny anymore

Ok I get it ha ha ha it was funny the first few times. In fact it was even funnier when I said it. But is it just me or is becoming less funny by the nanosecond? I’m sure you’re getting tired of it as well. The Twilight jokes, the Justin Bieber jokes, the Harry Potter jokes.

Everyone including their smelly drunk uncle and his three-legged dog has got a Twilight joke or snarky comment. It’s so funny that it’s not funny. When it was only the elite few that was sniggering about it well then it was still ok. But now everyone is doing it and which is such a turn off for me. The minute something becomes too popular I run in the opposite direction. So now I will have to start gushing about Edward ‘s pale sparkly skin. Those are the rules. My rules but they still count.

For now I’ll laugh because well it really still is kinda funny. Laugh with me now.



Joe Manganiello

You probably thinking who the hell is Joe Manganiello? Well I would have thought that too until I started watching True Blood that is. A dirty, gritty version of Vampire Diaries and Twilight and any other vampire movie or show you can think of. For those of you rooting for team Jacob but feel a tad bit uncomfortable perving and drooling all over a 17-year-old boy I’ve got good news for you.

Enter. Joe Manganiello.

Remember this guy?

Flash Thompson?

That obnoxious jock?

From Spiderman 1?

Yeah, so?

You thinking where is all this heading, well ladies little Joe has grown up into a really hot werewolf. You can catch him in all his glory on Trueblood.

Enjoy. Drool. Just spare the private time gory details.


Vampires, Werewolves and Witches

Remember a time when vampire movies featured real vampire villians. I’m talking about Lestat in “Interview with a vampire” and Blade.

Back then ‘normal’ vampires couldn’t walk during the day and garlic and holy water was still a deadly happen and none of them sparkled.

Modern day vamprire movies are now trying to dispel life long myths about vampires. And they do all this whilst looking super hot.  So how the hell are we supposed to kill them now? I must admit I’m not a Twilight fan, Edward is sickly thin looking young man whom I cannot stand the sight of, I will however admit that team Jacob and the whole wolf pack is HOT. What I don’t get about Twilight is that they live in this small town because it almost never gets sun but even though there is a 100 percent cloud cover UV rays still penetrate through so technically they can’t go out during daylight??

Recently though I’ve decided to watch The Vampire Diaries and despite all the teen angst I’m currenlty enjoying it. So they might not be defenceless against holy water but hey at least there’s vervain. And ok there are a few characters I wish I could personally kill off but Damon makes it all worthwhile – double sigh. Although to me Damon will always be Boone Carlyle from Lost.

I think I might give Trueblood a chance while I’m waiting for my next Vampire Diaries fix cos I need something to tide me over. I like how each Vampire movie or series has conflicting information.

I’m quite ashamed of my Vamp addiction so please don’t judge. But here are some memorable quotes from Blade hopefully this will redeem me in the eyes of my readers.

Blade: Some motherf**kers are always trying to ice-skate uphill.

Quinn: I’m gonna be naughty! I’m gonna be a naughty vampire god!