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10 Things I am proud I achieved before turning 30

Soon I will officially be 30 – there’s no turning back now. Below is a list of my greatest hits and things I am proud to have achieved. To the next 30!!

1. Passing my driver’s test and getting my licence.

2. Learning how to surf.

3. I can speak Italian, well almost.

4. Kloofing down a gorge and jumping off a 12m cliff into a rock pool.

5. I can make my own sushi.

6. I finally know how to swim.

7. I can ride a motorbike.

8. I have travelled to Europe.

9. I discovered my true calling.

10. And finally  have the courage to pursue it.

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I sooooo wanna be freshly pressed

and if you think this is a blatant and shameless attempt for WordPress to find me well then you are most likely correct. So for those not in-the-know getting freshly pressed is like winning the blogger lottery. Todays stats at this point in time is: The best of 454,352 bloggers, 912,843 new posts, 1,420,249 comments, & 198,873,981 words posted today on and on average only 10 posts are selected daily to be featured on the WordPress home page. I mean what blogger doesn’t love more traffic or subscribers?

I love reading the freshly pressed posts everyday and I usually have the following responses upon reading them:

1) OMG! This blog is so awesome, this blogger has managed to move me with an image or a few words. I wanna be just like them. I’ll subscribe immediately so that I can get a daily dose of this awesomeness. This is way better than getting piggyback ride up a mountain by Edward Cullen to see him sparkle.

2) Why didn’t I think about this first? In fact I did think of this first but I just never got around to publishing my draft. I wonder if I can sue? Intellectual property theft is really not cool people. Unless maybe this is my twin and we’ve been seperated at birth.

3) Seriously? This gets to be freshly pressed? A monkey with a typewriter could have written a better post. My stuff is way better than this so why don’t I ever get freshly pressed. What exactly is the criteria here?

Oh let me throw in some photos to seal the deal. Only 3 types of pictures makes it onto Freshly Pressed anyway: Food pics, nature pics and travel pics.

Home made sushi

La sagrada familia - passion facade




10 Things I have learnt this week

1. It’s great seeing others progress and move on to better things.
2. There’s only one earth and we should all do our best to look after it.
3. When your usual sushi spot is closed all it means is that you’re about to discover your new sushi spot (nom nom nom)
4. I really don’t like fancy restaurants.
5. Lola’s baked cheesecake in Long Street is the best I have tasted in years.
6. When learning something new it’s important to persevere on those days when you just can’t seem to get it right.
7. It is possible to become addicted to exercise. Well almost.
8. I can’t stand wearing socks anymore.
9. Walking after eating (read stuffing your face with sushi and cake) is a smart thing to do.
10. Collecting mulch (straw and horse shit) is not as gross as I thought it would be. I also managed to not freak out when one of the horses walked right up to me and smelled me.


10 Things I have learnt this week

1. Celebrate New Years Eve your way – you will enjoy yourself more.

2. A good heart to heart with a best friend can make 3 hours feel like 10 minutes.

3. Always take the scenic route.

4. I officially own 7 books on learning how to speak Italian and yet have so much to learn about this beautiful language.

5. Talk to strangers – hey sometimes it’s ok.

6. Butter salt topping on popcorn was not such a good idea.

7. Surprise sushi is the best.

8. A new year and the prospect of new beginnings gives one hope for positive change and a happy future.

9. Get rid of the old make space for new things in your life.

10. Don’t hang onto clothing with the hope that you will fit into it again one day – buy yourself something new, beautiful and that fits you perfectly.


Less than half a bucket

I am proud to say that I am able to try new things even if it scares the crap outta me. This has allowed me to tick so many things off my bucket list. Click on below links to read about some of my experiences. My bucket is getting rusty so I definitely need to start adding new things to do onto my list.



Sushi classes


Indoor Rock climbing

Pole dancing


Bikram Yoga

Learnt to speak Italian – not because of eat, pray, love, give me a little more credit than that. And I am still learning.

I am currently learning how to ride a motorbike – more about this soon, keep watching this space.


10 Things I have learnt this week

1. A 25km walk is no easy feat.

2. It’s better to motivate and inspire through positive action.

3. Don’t underestimate the power of preparation

4. If you discover a new interest/hobby then embrace it completely.

5. Sometimes listening to a song that you really like too often makes you hate it eventually.

6. It’s cool to get a medal for something that you have achieved.

7. Not so cool is getting caught in a hailstorm.

8. Having something good to look forward to can make a bad situation bearable.

9. I actually do have the ability to decline sushi.

10. My series addiction has made me feel weird when I watch a movie (it’s just too short).

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Must. Love. Sushi.

If you wanna know how to take your addiction to the next level then keep reading. And by next level I don’t mean growing pot in your backyard or running a meth lab from your garage.  My addiction is sushi, I love sushi! Something I discovered 4 years ago and don’t know how I survived without it most of my adult life. So like any obsessed addict I needed to be able to get my fix whenever I wanted it. ENTER. Subarshi. A sushi bar in Cape town who offered a beginner class at R250. Sadly they have now closed down but Florentines in Claremont also offers sushi classes for anyone who is interested.

All ingredients are given to you in the class but below is what you will need if you make your sushi at home:

Must have a very sharp knife cos cutting layers of avo takes precision – and when I say sharp think of Kevin Costener cutting Whitney Houston’s scarf in The Bodyguard with his ninja sword.

Rice to be prepared the night before – this will make it easier and less sticky to work with – Pick n Pay sells sushi rice and its easy enough to prepare. You will need to buy rice vinegar as well. Other condiments that you’ll need is wasabi, pickled ginger and mayo for sushi.

Next place your nori sheets (seaweed) on rolling mat and cut nori in half. You only need half a sheet of nori to make one roll. Now you will spread a layer of rice and add any other goodies you like e.g. salmon, prawn, avo, cream cheese even sticky buffalo wings if thats your thing. You can pretty much do what you want but its still good to go to a class for the basics.

We got taught how to make salmon roses, cream cheese maki,prawn nigiri, rainbow roll and a california roll – Which I must say looked and tasted good. Yes I made that – hard to believe hey.

After making it a few times at home after class I realised that even though its easy to make it takes too damn long and I don’t have the patience. So I’ve practically got my fave sushi bars on speed dial.