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Scrooge vs Grinch

This post may or may not have anything to do with Christmas. The above picture was thrown in for good measure with the sole purpose of confusing and misleading you into thinking it’s about Christmas or Christmas spirit. So if you really want to know what this is all about well then keep reading. Kind of a moot point because you are already here reading this which also makes me wonder why you are still here reading this.

Let me get back what is going to turn into a 10 minute rant. So as you may or may not know I am saving every little hard-earned penny so that I can travel. I wrote a post about this a while back which you can read here (i.e. click on the word here, duh!). I must say I am doing rather well in this department, maybe not saving much as yet but definitely cutting down on unnecessary expenses. I buddied up with a colleague (it’s seems less sad and pathetic when you eat peanut butter and crackers with someone than doing it all by your lonesome).We do monthly ‘grocery’ shopping and instead of buying lunch everyday we make our own. This is all part of the year-long sacrifices I am prepared to make to achieve my goals.

So for all intents and purposes I have become a cheap-skate however this does not mean that I will sponge off others. You see you get those kind of people who are always claiming to be broke but whenever you talk to them they seem to have had the most fabulous weekends i.e. concerts, eating out, shopping etc. What pisses me off about these people is that they seldom pitch in with their own money when a group effort is required. They gladly take when things are offered to them but rarely share or reciprocate, in fact they won’t even replace something of yours that they have used. They buy themselves lunch everyday which we all know can become quite expensive. They will borrow money from you and ‘forget’ to pay you back which in turn will make you seem like a miser when you ask for your R20 back. They almost always conveniently forget to carry their wallets/purses with them, forcing you to pay for their purchases with promises that they will pay you back. In my personal opinion the Grinch and Scrooge pales in comparison to these selfish assholes. This is where being a real bitch comes in handy, you’ve got to be really firm when dealing with this type of person as they are notoriously thick-skinned.

Although they have taught me the power of the word NO. So I guess something good did come from all of this. Any of you know someone like this? A friend or colleague?

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The friendship fluff piece

As a loner I much prefer doing things on my own and wasn’t sure if going overseas with a friend was a good idea. These doubts were based on me knowing what type of person I am and not being sure how me and Nats would get along for 2 weeks in foreign countries.

That being said I honestly do not think I could have chosen a better person to have travelled with, somehow we just complemented each other, me being super organised and having an internal GPS system (we did get lost a few times but always managed to find our way home) and Nats being very easy-going and the calm centre at the eye of the storm. Of course it wasn’t all peaches and cream and I think both of us just bit our tongues when one of us annoyed the other but we also gave each other space and privacy when we needed it. Money was also never an issue, everything was split 50/50. Sometimes I would pay for something or she would pay but we never argued about who paid for what and I think that was very important and would have been a deal breaker if either of us were penny-pinchers.

It’s amazing how similar yet completely different we are from each other but this trip allowed us to get to know each other even better and has changed us both and opened a whole new world to us. Days were spent exploring and after a night out we would talk about our dreams and plans for the future. From both of us being über conservative I now believe we will open ourselves up to more opportunities by taking more risks, talking to strangers and making new friends. And now we have Croatia May 2012 to look forward to, meeting up with friends we made on this trip for my birthday next year.


Don’t you just love it when

After so many ‘don’t you just hate it when’ posts I thought I’d share something I love. I wouldn’t want people to think I’m a completely intolerant person, cos really I’m not.

You know when you go to your cupboard to get out your coat or jacket or a pair of jeans you haven’t worn in a while, you reach into your pocket and you feel paper. Frowning and wondering what could it be? And it turns out it’s money, paper money (like a R100), YAY!!!! It’s like a birthday gift and christmas gift all rolled into one.

That just puts a smile on my face.