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My smelling senses are tingling

Why is it that when you are fasting you have a keener sense of smell? I mean you are already depriving yourself of food and water, so why must it be the one sense that appeals to your hunger is the one that becomes heightened? I can smell what someone else is eating from metres away, and not only can tell what the person is eating but I can identify each ingredient used. Cruel and unusual punishment? Or a superhero in the making? Move over Spiderman. Alternatively I could hire out my services to the police station to sniff out cocaine and drug dealers.


Joe Manganiello

You probably thinking who the hell is Joe Manganiello? Well I would have thought that too until I started watching True Blood that is. A dirty, gritty version of Vampire Diaries and Twilight and any other vampire movie or show you can think of. For those of you rooting for team Jacob but feel a tad bit uncomfortable perving and drooling all over a 17-year-old boy I’ve got good news for you.

Enter. Joe Manganiello.

Remember this guy?

Flash Thompson?

That obnoxious jock?

From Spiderman 1?

Yeah, so?

You thinking where is all this heading, well ladies little Joe has grown up into a really hot werewolf. You can catch him in all his glory on Trueblood.

Enjoy. Drool. Just spare the private time gory details.

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Unbreakable – best superhero movie ever!

I think it started with Spiderman starring Tobey Mcguire which was a huge box office hit and then of course this was followed by sequels, and threequels, cos they’ve got milk it for every penny or Million dollars they can get right? The public was loving it so Marvel and DC comics then went into overdrive.

Soon afterwards other movies followed (almost all of ’em with sequels or prequels or some kind of spin-off): Ironman, X-men, Batman, Hulk, Blade, Superman, Fantastic Four and more recently Thor. Daredevil and Elektra being pathetic attempts. The less said about those 2 fiascos the better.

And these movies all wanna blow you away with special effects, hot girls and guys with bulging biceps. And to enahance your experience, NOW IN 3D.  Yes it’s sometimes fun to watch and I’ll admit I’m a Spiderman fan although I do get tired of seeing so many 4 year old boys dressed in Spiderman costumes(they everywhere) in shopping malls terrorising their moms.

My all time favorite superhero movie which might I add is extremely underrated is Unbreakable starring Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson. It’s a slow quiet movie and there is no fast paced action scenes or special effects. I don’t profess to know much about movies or anything but I think it was beautifully told and there was actually a storyline one could follow. I hope someday it will have a cult following like all cool movies.

Another personal favorite is Scott Pilgrim VS the world, all the battle scenes are awesome esp the one with the twins – I just have one word for the movie f***ing hilarious. Oops my bad that’s 2 words.