Is the internet ruining my life…

…or is it adding value? All I know is that the internet is a dangerous murky place and that if you don’t keep your wits about you, you will end up in a black hole that no amount of breadcrumbs will help you get out of. As a natural procrastinater who is easily distracted and doesn’t need much encouragement to prove that Google is not only a noun but also a verb (i.e. a doing word – Eng101) I’ve discovered that I spend way too much time surfing. Not the cool kind with skin-tight wetsuits and long boards.

My daily ritual starts with me checking what I call ‘the usual suspects’ more commonly referred to as Gmail, Facebook, site stats of my blog (nothing gets a blogger salivating more than a dramatic spike in site stats) and the RSS feeds of my favourite blogs. For some of you this may also include Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, Google+ and I’m sure there’s a few I’m not even aware of.

Now imagine a magical land where all your favourite and most beautiful images that you have come across on the internet are all in one place. My days are now spent pinning virtual pictures to virtual boards and I am able to check my profile anytime I want. That’s basically pinterest in a nutshell. Well there’s also the fact that you can ‘follow’ other pinners and they can ‘follow’ you. Any images from someone else can be repined onto your profile or you can just ‘like’ it if you’re too lazy. You are also able to view all the pictures you ‘liked’ on your profile. How cool is that? If that all sounds too complicated, believe me it’s not.

So check out if you are bored, want to waste your company’s time and resources or simply want to put off doing the dishes.

One more thing (using P.S. is over rated and very much in the box thinking) you have to send a request to become a member and only once you get your invite from the pinterest team will you become one of us.

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10 things I have learnt this week

1. My hair is long enough for me to braid it.

2. It’s official I need to cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day.

3. Rap music oh how I have missed you.

4. Life may be a series of serious choices but don’t forget to have fun along the way.

5. Even boys like to gossip.

6. Hard work does eventually get recognised but it is going to take more than a woolies voucher to silence me.

7. A marathon session of Gossip Girl is the perfect cure for a rough week at work.

8. Don’t let others minimise your dreams.

9. Think twice before pigging out on a double large pizza.

10. I’ve been doing internet banking for so long I almost forgot what the inside of bank looks like.

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Don’t follow that link

There you are happily searching the internet for some cool and pretty things such as i don’t know…hmmm…..vintage dresses, suddenly something on the page catches your eye a flashing icon that says ‘Anthracite is the new black”. You’re intrigued. Must click on link. After clicking on said link and halfway through new article about how anthracite is just the coolest colour ever there’s a click here which is highlighted and underlined. You can’t resist you need to know more info and the link has promised to divulge everything your little heart desires.

This second link takes you to a website of a second hand bookshop that sells 1st edition books and then you follow another link which takes you to a travel site where you find another link that takes you to a photoblog which has a whole new list of super cool links where you unable to decide where to go next and finally deciding that you need to click on the link that will reveal never before seen pictures of Britney’s breakdown and comeback (whilst reading that you might as well download some music for your mp3 player) Wait!? Britney making a comeback?? Must follow link that will reveal her dieting and workout secrets, how did she get so thin so fast??

Now that you there might as well click on Oscar Awards link and see who wore what . Ugh not another celeb dating a sport star, not that this stops you from checking out the soccer player’s bio after all these guys are generally hot. Mmmm didn’t know Russia made über attractive soccer players. Ok interesting Russia and the cold war to read or not to read? And then you realise you’ve travelled through the magical cyber space door of Narnia and ended up in outer Siberia all because you wanted to look at some pretty vintage dresses.