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Don’t follow that link

There you are happily searching the internet for some cool and pretty things such as i don’t know…hmmm…..vintage dresses, suddenly something on the page catches your eye a flashing icon that says ‘Anthracite is the new black”. You’re intrigued. Must click on link. After clicking on said link and halfway through new article about how anthracite is just the coolest colour ever there’s a click here which is highlighted and underlined. You can’t resist you need to know more info and the link has promised to divulge everything your little heart desires.

This second link takes you to a website of a second hand bookshop that sells 1st edition books and then you follow another link which takes you to a travel site where you find another link that takes you to a photoblog which has a whole new list of super cool links where you unable to decide where to go next and finally deciding that you need to click on the link that will reveal never before seen pictures of Britney’s breakdown and comeback (whilst reading that you might as well download some music for your mp3 player) Wait!? Britney making a comeback?? Must follow link that will reveal her dieting and workout secrets, how did she get so thin so fast??

Now that you there might as well click on Oscar Awards link and see who wore what . Ugh not another celeb dating a sport star, not that this stops you from checking out the soccer player’s bio after all these guys are generally hot. Mmmm didn’t know Russia made über attractive soccer players. Ok interesting Russia and the cold war to read or not to read? And then you realise you’ve travelled through the magical cyber space door of Narnia and ended up in outer Siberia all because you wanted to look at some pretty vintage dresses.


2 thoughts on “Don’t follow that link

  1. see you must be smart dont link in the start place becaue when you come out there you realize that you have no more airtime for the real important things lol like googling THE SCRIPT

  2. sheena says:

    I know what you mean….mostly I don’t even remember what I started looking at but after about 20min you look up surpised that you haven’t blinked for almost 15 minutes and your eyes are teary from looking at pages and pages of information….

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