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Countries with scooters

Europe (France, Italy, Spain) and Asia (Thailand, China, Taiwan) are scooter friendly destinations – a good thing as these are all countries on my to-dotravel list.

As I am gaining confidence with every motorbike lesson (lovin’ those lazy eights) I have decided that I will definitely be hiring a scooter when I visit Thailand and Italy end of this year. I’m sure this will beat using public transport or walking and it definitely trumps being stuck in traffic in a car.

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Whatever you do, don’t blink

This has been in my drafts for quite a while and then last week I got a plinky prompt called “When it comes to eye contact, where are you on the spectrum between shifty-eyed evader and unblinking intimidator?” so I figured I might as well post my version of this.

As someone who now uses public transport regularly one is confronted almost daily with people who stare at you. I would just like to warn the general public out there, don’t attempt challenging me as I will stare you down if I catch you glancing at me a) more than once and b) for longer than 2 seconds. Don’t believe me? Try me, I dare you. I will have you squirming in your seat and make your eyes tear and twitch without me even blinking or breaking a sweat. It’s just such a pet peeve of mine, can’t we all just look at the ground and our shoes? If you leave me alone then there will be no need for a stare-off and both of us can walk away unharmed.

Also on another semi-unrelated note: don’t you just hate it when you reading on the bus/train and the person next to you tries to read your magazine or book with you? Get your own damn reading material.


The joys of public transport (sarcasm, obviously)

Image courtesy of streetfsnAs I am currently without my own car I have to depend on public transport. Which isn’t always too bad, it does however sometimes subject you to ‘crazies’. Weird, random and odd encounters with interesting people.

The one thing that I can do without are train preachers – these guys are loud, bible-toting scary people. I don’t have a problem with anyone wanting to spread the word of God but they are so over-zealous (and sometimes angry) that it borders more on irritating rather than inspirational. Another thing that they don’t seem to consider is that in our diverse multi-cultural country they could quite possibly be barking up the wrong tree. We not all Christians, we’ve got Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists so to assume that we need to hear their sermon I find a little bit insulting. And after a hard days work this is really the last thing I need (early morning is also not good). And if they want to inspire people the fire and brimstone version doesn’t really work, try a different tactic please.

Now I basically just ensure that I never leave home without my earphones.