Exercise and yoga

10 Things I learnt about bikram yoga this week

1. You will feel dizzy or nauseous or faint or all three at the same time.

2. You will become a human waterfall which means you will have sweat running in your eyes, nose and mouth.

3. You, your clothes, the towel on your mat will be completely soaked with the aforementioned sweat.

4. You will learn not to apply any moisturizer before class, it stings when it melts and runs into your eyes.

5. You will fantasize about ice cold showers, ice cubes, Iceland, the Antarctica, polar bears.

6. You will become a pretzel and bend yourself into positions you didn’t think possible.

7. You will wonder where that awful odor is coming from, only to realize it is coming for yourself.

8. You will forget what fresh oxygen entering your lungs feels like.

9. You will experience a sense of accomplishment like no other.

10. You will feel absolutely amazing afterwards and you will look forward to your next 90 minute session.



The student life

I’m officially registered at UNISA  for the 1st semester next year. I checked my online study material today and just realised how daunting 5 subjects per semester is going to be. In other news: I’ve finally been matched with a young girl from a children’s home, so I will be her mentor for a year and guide her through her transition from the orphanage to independent living. Somehow I still need to find the time to go for lessons and get my motorbike license, meet my German and Italian language exchange partner once a week respectively and Fede my Italian teacher wants me to continue with Italian lessons next year.

I’ll most probably not have a life, aah the joys of having a 9-5 followed by a nightly study program. Not all students get to party, especially not full-time working ones.

I will be broke all the time, text books are not cheap.

Just thinking about it all exhausts me.

I think now would be the perfect time to take up yoga and meditation.


Don’t be fooled yoga is not some slow, harmless relaxation technique

I started doing yoga on and off since I was in high school and I was always fascinated by it. Then I just stopped, years went by and my muscles atrophied.

So years later I had this crazy idea and I said to myself ‘lets go to yoga classes’ and not just any yoga class but a bikram yoga class at Yogazone in Cape Town. To anyone who is not familiar with this concept it’s basically a sequence of yoga postures in a room heated to 40 degrees celcius (sorry haven’t a clue how to calculate that into Farenheit)

Sounds like fun I said. Sign me up I said. If Madonna can do it well then so can I, I said. I was in for a rude awakening, I discovered.

If you think contorting your body into a pretzel is hard, then try contorting yourself in a sauna. The heat and the smell of 30 sweaty people is not appealing. I got light headed a few times and had to leave the room to catch my breath. I also think that I drank a whole well of water. And if it wasn’t for the towel on my yoga mat I would have slid right off it during downward facing dog and into the old lady standing on her head in front of me. Sweat literally pours down and out of you like a waterfall.

But then the most amazing thing happened THE COOL DOWN SESSION AKA SAVASANA and I must say afterwards I felt invigorated and loose-limbed.

I went a few times after that again but stopped after a while. If there’s one thing I’m good at it’s ‘not following through’ For all yoga lovers I give it 5 stars, try it if you haven’t.

P.S. I also met Gil Bellows (that guy Ally Mcbeal dated on Ally Mcbeal) who was in town shooting 24 with Kiefer Sutherland. And my mom who joined me that night for class did what all mothers do. Embarrass their children. She went to him after class and spoke as if they’re long lost friends, she also made me take a picture of 2 of them.