When I grow up I want to live in a trailer park

I’ve only been to the Grand Daddy Hotel in Long Street once and that was for a friend’s birthday party that was hosted in the Versace room. What I would really like to do though is to stay in one of the trailers even if it is just for one night.


Let’s pretend

So what do we do when we can’t go travelling just yet? We pretend we are travelling. So let’s be tourists in our own city and appreciate the beauty, history and architecture all around us. Let’s carry our cameras with us all the time so that we can take pictures whenever we need to. So with camera in hand you can complete your tourist look by wearing sturdy sandals with socks, a moonbag around your waist, pointing at random things and having a perpetual lost look on your face. I almost made it onto the cable car to Table Mountain this weekend but the windy weather was working against me and all rides were suspended and then cancelled. I did manage to take some pictures while we were waiting and hoping that we might still be able to see the city at sunset.

Hard to believe this is what the cable car used to look like – even more scary was that I rode it years ago, sure looks safe.

Now its fancy, round and has a moving platform to give you a 360 degree view of the city.

 Cape Town City from above – if I squint hard enough I think I can see where I work

Lion’s Head

Signal Hill (or fondly known by the locals as the lions rump)

Devil’s Peak (3 peaks that’s meant to resemble the Devils’ pitchfork)

 Better luck next time

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English Please

Andy is the crazy Brit I met on my travels. Upon discovering that me and my friend were the only South Africans (hence forth known as the Saffers) staying at the hostel he thoughtfully shared with us the vilest SA profanity that he was taught. It’s not pretty so I cannot share it with you here. And when I say share I mean he would scream it loudly wherever we happened to be: bus, subway, club, etc. Thankfully no one understood what he was saying and I taught him another swear word just for him to take a break from the aforementioned one.

He also had us believing that he’s a sheep farmer. He was almost always drunk. But he also extremely hilarious and fun to be around. After helping us get home on our first night in Barcelona he wanted to see our room as it was one of the only private rooms in the hostel. I’m not sure if what happened next was funny or annoying (probably a bit of both). He got undressed and got into one of the beds and refused to leave. No matter how much we cajoled, begged, shouted he remained unphased by it all and actually asked us to only speak in “English please.” We of course were speaking English as it’s our first language.

The United Kingdom is quite low on my list of countries I want to travel to but it got bumped up after this trip. We met quite a few other travellers from the UK (sane ones) and everyone was really friendly. The added bonus would be that everyone speaks English and that I wouldn’t have to worry about a language barrier.

Ireland – Giant’s Causeway

Wales – Since 1988, Hay-on-Wye has been the venue for a literary festival, which draws +/- 80,000 visitors over ten days at the beginning of June to see and hear big literary names from all over the world. This would be any avid reader’s wet dream.

Scotland – Edinburgh Castle

London – (I do realise that there is more to England and the UK than just this one city)


Less than half a bucket

I am proud to say that I am able to try new things even if it scares the crap outta me. This has allowed me to tick so many things off my bucket list. Click on below links to read about some of my experiences. My bucket is getting rusty so I definitely need to start adding new things to do onto my list.



Sushi classes


Indoor Rock climbing

Pole dancing


Bikram Yoga

Learnt to speak Italian – not because of eat, pray, love, give me a little more credit than that. And I am still learning.

I am currently learning how to ride a motorbike – more about this soon, keep watching this space.


the travelling bucket list

Next year the plan is to go to Austria, Italy, Croatia and Montenegro all before heading to Thailand. Not sure how I am going to manage to survive another year at work (fondly referred to as the mind-numbing/soul-destroying void). So if you know of anyone who can bend the space/time continuum or just has a good ol fashion time machine wasting away in their garage point me in that direction. Hell I’d even settle for Marty Mcfly’s time travelling car to zap me back into the future. For now though all I can do is look at pictures of all the pretty places to keep me motivated.


10 Things I have learnt this week

1. Windy weather can be a real buzz kill.

2. People love talking about themselves but rarely want to listen to others.

3. These people also love the sound of their own voices.

4. Helping others makes you feel good about yourself.

5. My cell phone can double as a compact mirror (neat).

6. I have amazing self-restraint except when it comes to shutting this big ol mouth of mine.

7. Always be prepared to roll with the punches.

8. Never order a platter for 2 and think you can eat it all by yourself.

9. People might think you are crazy if you laugh out loud whilst sitting all by your lonesome self.

10. Despite my reserved nature I can make friends anywhere and with anyone, yes even the cute bartender at the strip club.

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Sweet Valley Twins/High

Yes, I’m obsessed with all things 80’s but come on what girl growing up in the eighties didn’t read Sweet Valley Twins and Sweet Valley High? I came across this great blog that dissects and makes fun of each SVH book written. It’s hilarious. Click here to read more. And how rad is the fashion? Who was your favourite twin? Jessica or Elizabeth?