Why I hate New Year’s Eve

I’m sorry (actually not that sorry) but I really do not get the hype that surrounds this one night. Below are my pet peeves regarding new year’s eve:

  • I don’t do well with crowds and noise, especially crowds.
  • How perfectly sane rational people lose their ability to behave like normal human beings.
  • People thinking you are a leper or crazy person if you have no plans on this evening. Apparently staying is tantamount to committing murder, who knew.
  • Why should I have to pay double or triple the usual cover charge to go into the same places that is frequented throughout the year?
  • Offering me a glass of champagne upon my arrival does not ‘sweeten’ the deal nor does sitting on the other side of the rope make me VIP.
  • Looking for parking.
  • Paying a king’s ransom for parking.
  • Being ‘locked in’ once you enter CBD and struggling to get out when you ready to head home.
  • Road blocks. No officer I’m not stupid enough to drink and drive. People just take a damn cab already.
  • Those TV specials and musical extravaganzas for us sad people who decided to stay in.
  • Drunk people. Also drunk people who feel the need to tell you that they are ‘sooooooo drunk’ and what the hell is so funny?
  • People who feel compelled to share their new year’s resolutions even though they know that they are going to abandon it by January 3rd.
  • People who repeatedly tell you that the following year is going to be better than the past year – really?
  • Brawls, arguments and other merriment – what a special time of the year this is.
  • For some reason perfect strangers all love each other and insist on spreading this good cheer. DO NOT TOUCH ME!
  • Girls wearing tops as dresses and teetering around in mum’s heels while projectile vomiting. Very classy and oh so attractive. However this is not exactly restricted to new year’s eve.
  • Can we all just realise that the only thing that is happening is that one minute the clock is reading 11.59 and the next it’s reading 12.00. Why all the hoopla?
  • Something bad or stupid always happens. ALWAYS.
  • It’s a major anti-climax. Don’t even try to argue with me on this.




Grammar Police

I do apologise if this offends anyone but what has happened to the proper use of grammar or spelling? I know that I am no saint but I do try to get it right most of the time. Texting in the techno age is not helping anybody, the short hand youngsters use to communicate is crippling their ability to read and write properly. Sadly some adults are also quite guilty of making some basic errors.

In the workplace I am affronted on a daily basis with incorrect spelling – we have spell check people! Use it! You don’t even need to use your brain if you really don’t want to. Classic example of a misspelt word used in a colleagues’ report: Instead of UTILISE the word has been spelt UTERLIZE. I know I probably sound like a huge  nerd and yes there probably are more important things in life than grammar and spelling but I’m not asking for much. All you have to do is click on spell check.

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Letter to my Soulmate

Dear Soulmate

Did you know that there are over 7 billion people in this world spread across 196 countries? Well I just thought you should know that. I also want to ask your forgiveness as I realise that I have some unrealistic expectations of you.

Forgive me for assuming that you live in the road/neighbourhood/town/city/country that I live in.

Forgive me for assuming that we have the same religion.

Forgive me for assuming that we speak the same language.

Forgive me for assuming we are the same ethnicity.

Forgive me for assuming that you are a member of the opposite sex.

Forgive me for assuming that we will meet in our 20’s have a big white wedding and then promptly proceed to move into our home with its lovely white picket fences.

Forgive me for not waiting for you and deciding to be with someone, anyone because I do not want to feel lonely.

Forgive me for not choosing solitude to work on my happiness and personal growth so that when we do meet I will already be the best of me.

Forgive me for having a list of what I think you should look like and be like.

Forgive me for not opening myself up to opportunities so that I can find and meet you.

Forgive me for watching too many romantic films as it has skewed my perception of what and who you are.

Forgive me for thinking that we are destined to spend the rest of our lives together.

Forgive me for thinking that you are the answer to all my problems.

I know that despite my ignorance you will forgive me because you understand me completely.

Love Always,


People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life. – Elizabeth Gilbert, journalist and author of Eat, Pray Love


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The Reluctant Nomad

I moved around a lot as a child, by a lot I mean I’ve lived in over 20 different places . I must add that I have always hated it. I am someone who craves stability  and whilst growing up and all I wanted was to stay in one place long enough to put down some roots. As I was quiet and shy growing up I found it hard to make friends and the constant upheaval of packing up and moving on to the next place made this so much harder.

However as much as I hated moving all the time I have now done it so often that I have gotten used to it and for the first time in years I am seeing the positives that this taught me.

  • I have learnt that home is not a place where you have lived for over 20 years but the family and friends who are a part of your life. Home is a feeling.
  • I do not own a lot of material things nor do I attach value to it – the less things I have to cart around the better.
  • I do not get emotionally attached to any new place which makes moving onto the next one easy.
  • I am always appreciative of the roof over my head. Why complain about moving when I actually still have a place to live? There are people less fortunate than me.

I am hoping that these life lessons will stand me in good stead when I embark on my next travelling adventure.

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10 Things I have learnt this week

1. I own more books than clothing.

2. Flying jelly babies are great for stress relief and a great source of energy.

3. If you don’t use/wear it – then it’s best to give it away to someone who will.

4. The Ellen DeGeneres Show is addictive and hilarious.

5. Best way to devour a gingerbread man: Decapitate, then break off arms, then knees (mafia style) and then you can eat what’s left of the torso.

6. Sadly there will always be ‘those’ people at work who gets away doing the bare minimum whilst the rest of us slave away.

7. Long weekends are soul balm.

8. Adderley Street night market is overrated.

9. I may not celebrate Christmas but getting a phone call from my friend’s 10-year-old son thanking me for his gift sure does make one feel warm and fuzzy.

10. Apparently I’m now old enough that children start calling me Aunty. I’m not sure how I feel about this.

P.S. Definition of flying jelly babies: throwing jelly babies onto your colleagues desk because you are both too busy to take lunch and she is too lazy to lift her ass and get her own.


The facade of happiness

Why do some people project one image to the world yet in their homes and behind closed doors it’s a different matter entirely? I’m not good at hiding my emotions, never have been which can be both a blessing and a curse. If I’m happy you can see it and trust me if I’m not pleased with something then my face gives the game away.

All I know is that long-term ‘fronting’ can’t be good. Do people pretend because they care about what people will think or say? Other people’s opinion about our lives really should not matter, ever. Or are they just too ashamed of their lives? My advice: Be true to yourself and to the people who care about you.