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10 Things I have learnt this week

1. Face your challenges and fears head on.

2. I get lost in book stores and lose track of time. I’ve realised that I’ve never read a Charles Dickens book in my life and I read way too much chick lit. Looking forward to reading David Copperfield.

3. Catching up with a friend you haven’t seen in months is always great.

4. I’ve been reminded how much I love classical music.

5. There are very few things that can beat getting good news.

6. All you can eat sushi is deceiving, try as you might there is only so much you can eat.

7. Summer is here and I’ve realised how much I miss surfing.

8. Learning German is much more difficult than learning Italian.

9. I miss sleeping in and getting up late on weekends.

10. There are more similarities amongst people than there are differences.


Forget being bikini ready

Summer can fill us women with dread. Last minute efforts at getting beach ready leaves us breathless, exasperated and despondent. We should all embrace your body no matter the shape or size. There is also really no need to go prancing around in a bikini if it makes you feel uncomfortable or fat. There are flattering and sexy one-pieces available. I stumbled across this website so click here and don’t despair because all your worries will melt away.


10 Things I have learnt this week

1. You’re never too old to study for an exam.

2. You learn something about yourself everyday if you but only listen.

3. Job dissatisfaction can corrode and numb your soul.

4. I love motivating others.

5. My desire and pursuit for knowledge has not lessened or waned.

6. Nutella I am ashamed to say I have discovered your tastiness so late in life.

7. The less I own (material things) the lighter and freer I feel.

8. Apparently horizontal stripes are slimming and vertical stripes are ‘fattening’. Although I do still need to test this theory but when in doubt wear black.

9. I discovered I have a unheathly desire to own at least 5 pairs of  wedge espadrilles (a shoe I have never liked) this summer and I do realise that this is in direct conflict with number 7.

10. Never say never.


10 things I have learnt this week

1. It is still possible to feel real joy upon discovering something new

2. Cousins are your first real friends in this world

3. Standing in front of the classroom at 29 is just as scary as it was in high school

4. I am happy if my blog brings joy to people – even if it is only a handful

5. My oily t-zone is the bane of my existence – I’m not supposed to be getting pimples at this age

6. To blog is to do – one has to experience new things to have a constant source of writing material

7. Plinky prompt is great for writer’s block

8. I’ve been living under a rock all these years but am glad that I finally discovered the writer Paulo Coelho

9. I always thought autumn was my favorite season turns out I miss summer, sandals, shorts and maxi dresses

10. The people in your life don’t know you as well as they think they do