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Countries with scooters

Europe (France, Italy, Spain) and Asia (Thailand, China, Taiwan) are scooter friendly destinations – a good thing as these are all countries on my to-dotravel list.

As I am gaining confidence with every motorbike lesson (lovin’ those lazy eights) I have decided that I will definitely be hiring a scooter when I visit Thailand and Italy end of this year. I’m sure this will beat using public transport or walking and it definitely trumps being stuck in traffic in a car.

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Travelling slowly


Balcony in Barcelona

The reason why I want to live and work in another country is that it isn’t enough for me to visit a place for a few weeks and race against time to see it all. Where does it say that you have to cram all the sights into the little time that you have? Rushing around and constantly being on the move is as exciting to me as route canal is to the average human being that is to say I hate it.

How is it possible to really submerge yourself into a culture if you only there for 10 days and doing everything at a whirlwind pace? As fun as taking in all the sights was at some stage I grabbed an early night (in bed by 8) and I’m glad I did as I felt refreshed the next morning. I also decided against going to the beach and chose to relax and watch a movie at the hostel.

Another mistake that I made was not taking into account actual travelling time. Which is why I ended being only able to spend 2 days in Istanbul which was not nearly enough especially considering the fact I fell in love with this city the minute I saw it. Once I arrived in Barcelona I realised that it would have preferred more time in Turkey as opposed to the bulk of my holiday being in Spain.

Yesterday I decided to take the hop-on hop-off bus and learnt another valuable lesson: ‘travel’ in your own city/country first before deciding to jet set over the oceans. I always knew Cape Town was beautiful but after visiting Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens I actually felt ashamed that I never make the time to appreciate what my country has to offer. It’s not as if I’ve never been there but it’s the first time that I really took the time to walk around and marvel at mother nature. There is a reason after all why so many foreigners flock to South Africa every year.

Protea - SA National flower


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Tickets for Barcelona

I’m looking forward to my trip to Europe in September after years of saying “I wish….” I have booked my plane ticket the rest just seemed to fall into place. I will be starting my journey in Istanbul and then move on to Barcelona hoping that there will be enough time to take the train to Milan and Paris.

I’ll be travelling with one of my best friends and hopefully we won’t miss our flight as she is notorious for being perpetually late.  We’ve booked everything ourselves and we’re not travelling with a tour group thus giving us more freedom to do our own thing.

The one thing I am keen to experience is a Barcelona soccer match. I didn’t have the opportunity to see any live games when the World Cup was in South Africa and was quite disappointed about that (need to start saving for Brazil 2014). I just waiting for the Spanish league fixtures to announced and then I’ll purchase my tickets.

So in 2 months I’ll be off on my next adventure, I don’t even want to know how many more sleeps before September 6th.