Poems from an unPoet


Black and white stripes on the zebras proud back

Protects him against the predators attack

How well these lines work together creating confusion

But for people of all colours this is an illusion

The lines have been drawn and the war we await


Black and white stripes on the roads that we walk

Each taking their turn as they ride while we talk

How well it is synchronised like a well oiled machine

But cogs are fragile and there is no one team

The lines have been drawn and the war we await


We rival as siblings then rival as nations

In history we learnt there’s no other way

Glad tidings will come if you show us your patience

But first a sacrifice and into the fray

A long way we’ve come and a long way to go


We’ve abolished ‘those’ laws and broken down walls

Scattered in pieces to remind us our past

Just like newborns we first have to crawl

To heal from this pain might be too vast

The history we make only we know


The Cubicle

To love you and to loathe you is all I can do

You’re comfort, my prison, I cannot just leave

To stay would mean a slow death to my soul

But first to overcome the fear of the unknown

These shackles and chains they glisten like gold

But they blind me from truth and the world unexplored

Strength I will find to break free from it all

In my cage I can sing but nobody hears

Doubt whispers but I’ll silence him once and for all

They will hold you back because of their fears

All I need is one step to start this journey of mine

To fly and to soar, to sail and to roar

Humorous, Life

How to study for a very important exam

I’ve got exams next week and absolutely cannot wait (sarcasm) – This is how I study, I kid you not. This is actually more of a how-not-to.

1. Place textbooks and summarised notes on your desk.

2. Place pen, pencil, ruler and other stationery paraphernalia at right angle to books on desk.

3. Log onto Facebook.

4. Open textbook to Chapter 1, you may also open your notebook with your personal notes.

5. Chat with merry abandonment with ‘friends’ on Facebook.

6. Remove yellow highlighter from pencil bag.

7. Get up and stretch.

8. Whilst up might as well make a cup of tea/coffee.

9. Check emails whilst waiting for water to boil.

10. With tea in hand start reading over study material.

11. Yawn.

12. Check your WordPress blog stats.

13. Check WordPress Freshly Pressed.

14. Check phone for any messages.

15. Try to get through Chapter 1 without killing yourself.

16. Create awesome study playlist.

17. Congrats on finishing Chapter 1.

18. Check out latest YouTube videos.

19. Use yellow highlighter in Chapter 2.

20. Watch one episode of your current favourite series.

21. Feeling peckish? Go make yourself a snack.

22. Halfway through Chapter 2 mix things up and use a green highlighter.

23. Do the dishes.

24. Read same paragraph over and over and still not understand it – read it again. One sentence at a time.

25. Try to finish the next 3 chapters without distractions or interruptions – skip the boring parts and read only the parts that you find interesting.

26. Mind maps.

27. Check out Pinterest and Weheartit for some inspirational study quotes.

28. When you get to the last Chapter listen to the Rocky soundtrack to get you through the last round.

29. Pat yourself on back for covering all the chapters.

30. Get a good nights rest and a healthy breakfast the morning of the exam.

31. Hope and pray that you pass.

32. Forget everything you learnt now that exam is over.

fashion, Life

Too little, too late?

I’ve always been a hard worker. I worked full-time and studied part-time in order to achieve my goals. Working your way up the ladder in the fashion industry is not easy. You have to pay your dues. It is not the glamorous world that tv shows and films depict. Not only is it hard work but sucking up and socializing with the higher-ups will speed up the process. I am not the sucking kind so this has hampered my progress. I feel that working hard and believing in your self is what gets one ahead. A bit naive but there it is.

About a year ago however I made a surprising discovery. I started writing and realised that I loved it and would love to be able to pursue a career that allow me to do this. I always made a decision to travel as the bug bit me hard after my trip last year to Spain and Turkey. So I then made the decision to quit my job to travel and teach English in Thailand. This will be my base to visit the surrounding countries and friends who have invited me to visit them across Europe. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I have never done anything like this. I’m a homebody and prefer staying in and being around family and a few close friends. I am definitely stepping way out of my comfort zone but feel I need extra inspiration to kick-start my writing.

So life changing  decision made and plane ticket booked and then about a month ago I get a call from one of South Africa’s biggest fashion retailers based in Johannesburg asking me if I would be interested in a Shoe Buyer position. This was a position I have coveted for years and a few months ago I would have jumped at the opportunity. I declined and did not give it another thought. Then this week I received a phone call from another fashion retailer this one based in Durban wanting to know if I would be interested in a Sourcing Manager position. Again I had to decline but then I started wondering what does this mean? Should I take it as a sign to stay or should I ignore these distracting temptations? I feel it is a case of too little too late, where were these headhunters when I really needed them? I am following a completely different career path now and it feels right and at this stage I need to follow my gut instincts and go overseas as planned.