5 reasons why every daughter should travel with her mother

1. Well there are the obvious bonding reasons. For me personally though I already have a good relationship with my mother but travelling with her strengthened it.

2. You get to see a side of your mother that you would not ordinarily see. You will get to know her better as a person and not merely a boo-boo fixer. She will be more relaxed as there are no distractions or major motherly duties for her to attend to.

3. That being said you still get a bit of home on the road. You are still her little girl and she needs to know that you’re okay, not hungry, not tired or thirsty.

4. On the flip side you get to level the playing field. We all have our strengths, mine is an excellent sense of direction and I am a super organised control freak. It’s great to be able to let her take the back seat and for you to look after her for a change.

5. You will have perfect opportunities to collect dirt on her which can be used for blackmailing purposes later when you’re back home. Those awful photos? They might ‘accidentally’ find themselves uploaded and tagged on Facebook. Just kidding, cos that would be too mean, right? Or would it?


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When blogging just isn’t enough anymore

These days it’s not good enough for us bloggers to merely write about our lives. No it seems we need be experts on whichever topic we write about, we need to be able to take Steve McCurry calibre photographs, cooking tutorials that would put Gordon Ramsay to shame, create Pinterest worthy DIY projects and products (all available for sale on Etsy of course) and have a decent Twitter and Facebook following.

Can I not just write for the sake of writing? Or for the pure enjoyment it brings me, to be able to share my thoughts and maybe just maybe connect with one like-minded soul who can relate to what I am going through. There seems to be more pressure on bloggers, all competing for more views, shares, likes and followers. We can’t just be a fashion blogger, We need to be able score free clothes and front row seats at Paris fashion week. Yes, dahlings, I’m sitting next to Anna Wintour this season, didn’t you know? We can’t just be a travel blogger, we need to be able to have all our trips sponsored by hotels or tour companies and give them all glowing reviews. All the while telling our readers how, when and why they must travel to said destination.

If that wasn’t enough we also need to entice our readers with monthly newsletters and promote our self-published upcoming e-book. Blogging is no longer merely about self-expression and sharing. It has evolved into a commercialised and capitalistic beast. Are our words, thoughts and opinions no longer our own? I wonder when I will fall victim to this trend or maybe I already have. But wait let me get back to working on my e-book, hopefully it will be available for sale by the end of this year.

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How to study for a very important exam

I’ve got exams next week and absolutely cannot wait (sarcasm) – This is how I study, I kid you not. This is actually more of a how-not-to.

1. Place textbooks and summarised notes on your desk.

2. Place pen, pencil, ruler and other stationery paraphernalia at right angle to books on desk.

3. Log onto Facebook.

4. Open textbook to Chapter 1, you may also open your notebook with your personal notes.

5. Chat with merry abandonment with ‘friends’ on Facebook.

6. Remove yellow highlighter from pencil bag.

7. Get up and stretch.

8. Whilst up might as well make a cup of tea/coffee.

9. Check emails whilst waiting for water to boil.

10. With tea in hand start reading over study material.

11. Yawn.

12. Check your WordPress blog stats.

13. Check WordPress Freshly Pressed.

14. Check phone for any messages.

15. Try to get through Chapter 1 without killing yourself.

16. Create awesome study playlist.

17. Congrats on finishing Chapter 1.

18. Check out latest YouTube videos.

19. Use yellow highlighter in Chapter 2.

20. Watch one episode of your current favourite series.

21. Feeling peckish? Go make yourself a snack.

22. Halfway through Chapter 2 mix things up and use a green highlighter.

23. Do the dishes.

24. Read same paragraph over and over and still not understand it – read it again. One sentence at a time.

25. Try to finish the next 3 chapters without distractions or interruptions – skip the boring parts and read only the parts that you find interesting.

26. Mind maps.

27. Check out Pinterest and Weheartit for some inspirational study quotes.

28. When you get to the last Chapter listen to the Rocky soundtrack to get you through the last round.

29. Pat yourself on back for covering all the chapters.

30. Get a good nights rest and a healthy breakfast the morning of the exam.

31. Hope and pray that you pass.

32. Forget everything you learnt now that exam is over.

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Don’t you just hate it when

Remember this post? And this one? Gosh I used to yap on and on about things that irritate me on a daily basis. This is just a friendly reminder that I have not turned into a happy sunshiny fra-la-la-la-la kind of person. So here goes – my most recent pet peeves and no it does not take much to get my rage going.

So you at work. You get an email addressed to your whole group. Someone and there is always that one person that decides to hit Reply All. This then quickly spirals out of control. Someone else (and there is always that one angry colleague) will inform everyone to please not hit reply all. At this stage there might be another idiot or two also begging us all please not to reply all. The average worker now thinks s/he is the CEO and does not have time for these silly emails and expresses him/herself. I read every single email. The whole thing just becomes hilarious. Doesn’t make it less annoying though.

Can all please just for once go out with our friends and not turn it into a photo shoot frenzy? I am trying to have a meal. I am trying to have a decent conversation with good friends. It’s great to capture these moments. But every single moment? C’mon guys, please don’t post and tag that photo of me stuffing my face. Please don’t force me to smile whilst I’m supposed to be busy chewing my food. For once can we just hang out like normal people? I do not want a play-by-play of my entire night on Facebook either. I want to go out and enjoy myself and not think of technology just for a wee bit. D’ya think you can do that?

Which brings me to my next point – do not text or even look at your phone when you are out with friends or family. I get it sometimes you need to reply to an urgent message but certainly not every 2 minutes. I find it extremely rude to talk to someone who is constantly checking their phone or sending texts. Hey, guess what? Here is a real live girl sitting across from you. She would love to speak to you especially since she bothered to wash, get dressed and come outside to play for a change.

I’ve written about Facebook before – here’s my current list of vein-popping pet peeves. One could ask why do I even bother with Facebook but that’s a question we can tackle another day.

  • Change to a pink Facebook. Huh??
  • What is your mood today? I don’t think you want to know.
  • What is your love level? Come closer and I’ll show you.
  • What is the meaning of your name? As if I care.
  • My pic rank has been updated. When? How? By whom?
  • Someone answered a question about you? Great! Despite the fact that I haven’t seen you in 10 years and can vaguely remember you. It’s good to know I made an impact on your life and that you know so much about me. It’s quite possible you know me better that I know myself. Who needs an identity crises with ‘friends’ like these?
  • Here is your horoscope for today? What does it all mean? Let’s get high and reflect on the tides and the phase of the moon.
  • A new fortune cookie has been delivered to you. It has? What does it say? I’m intrigued. Not!

PS. I don’t care who views my profile either.


10 Things learnt

Picture taken inside Mr. Pickwicks - Long Street

Today’s list is from one of my readers – Thanks Zee.

1. I don’t trust people who don’t eat….they usually have to find other (devious) ways to spend their time.

2.I love 80’s music..Cyndi Lauper and all.

3.Don’t get reality shows..there’s scripts, there are actors, so where’s the reality?

4.Prefers the ‘no make-up’ look, we came with no mask, I suggest we leave without it.

5. History intrigues me, that’s probably my nerdyness speaking but the thought of a visit to the museum, still gets me excited!

6. Trains in Cape Town is not for the faint hearted it’s like playing russian roulette…you may not lose your life, but you may just lose your valuables (so go easy on the gold).

7. You should never have to change to please someone else or for the convenience of someone else…a cliche but true.

8.Watching a movie in a cinema is, and always will be cool, provided its a good movie.

9. For some people, love don’t exist unless its put on display, so you couldn’t tell your loved one, what you wanted to their face? It had to be broad casted via Facebook, twitter and any other social network that would house your OTT DOA?

10.I’m good at organizing things, provided its something I want to be involved in, anything creative works for me 😉


Is the internet ruining my life…

…or is it adding value? All I know is that the internet is a dangerous murky place and that if you don’t keep your wits about you, you will end up in a black hole that no amount of breadcrumbs will help you get out of. As a natural procrastinater who is easily distracted and doesn’t need much encouragement to prove that Google is not only a noun but also a verb (i.e. a doing word – Eng101) I’ve discovered that I spend way too much time surfing. Not the cool kind with skin-tight wetsuits and long boards.

My daily ritual starts with me checking what I call ‘the usual suspects’ more commonly referred to as Gmail, Facebook, site stats of my blog (nothing gets a blogger salivating more than a dramatic spike in site stats) and the RSS feeds of my favourite blogs. For some of you this may also include Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, Google+ and I’m sure there’s a few I’m not even aware of.

Now imagine a magical land where all your favourite and most beautiful images that you have come across on the internet are all in one place. My days are now spent pinning virtual pictures to virtual boards and I am able to check my profile anytime I want. That’s basically pinterest in a nutshell. Well there’s also the fact that you can ‘follow’ other pinners and they can ‘follow’ you. Any images from someone else can be repined onto your profile or you can just ‘like’ it if you’re too lazy. You are also able to view all the pictures you ‘liked’ on your profile. How cool is that? If that all sounds too complicated, believe me it’s not.

So check out if you are bored, want to waste your company’s time and resources or simply want to put off doing the dishes.

One more thing (using P.S. is over rated and very much in the box thinking) you have to send a request to become a member and only once you get your invite from the pinterest team will you become one of us.



There are so many things wrong with facebook I’m not even sure where to start but below is a list of the worst offences and offenders:

  • People who load a picture of their pet or child as their profile pic – I quite possibly haven’t seen you since high school so I probably won’t accept your friend request if I can’t figure out who you are.
  • Random invites especially from people who live in countries I’ve never heard of
  • Facebook book stalker friends who barely know you but like or comment on every status, picture, etc.
  • Provocative and inappropriate pictures – get career as a model, actress or porn star
  • Anyone who has over 5000 ‘friends’ – just get a fan page and get everyone to LIKE it because you cannot possibly have 5000 friends
  • Serial relationship status updaters – we get it, it’s complicated, so complicated in fact that more than half the time you are confused
  • Proclamations of love for your significant other – don’t worry you’ll see your ‘baby’ in a few hours and when you do please get it out of your system and GET A ROOM
  • The friend who posts and tags all photos including your drunkard weekends – not cool
  • People who make threats but don’t mention any names – if you have a problem with someone confront them – don’t be a coward and hide behind technology
  • The vague status update – does anyone actually know what you are talking about?
  • 😦 the sad face that will eventually prompt someone to ask what’s wrong
  • Profound, deep and spiritual statuses – we get it you are at one with the universe and have a direct link to a Higher Being or Deepak Chopra
  • Swear/Cuss words
  • Regular jetsetters who feel the need to rub into our faces that they are off yet again to see some exotic location
  • Non regular jetsetters who posts all and random pictures eg. This is a picture of our lunch. This is the picture of the toilet in our room.
  • Bizarre and cryptic posts done mostly by girls to confuse the guys – ladies men don’t give a tiny rats ass
  • Posts that encourages one to copy and paste if you care about cancer – seriously?!? I’ve lost family to cancer not posting does not mean I care any less.
  • Links to songs and youtube
  • Links to blogs (see I’m just as guilty but hey nobody is perfect)

I can’t think of any more but I’m sure there is plenty that I missed. Feel free to add to the list.