Where in the world is way better than Where’s Wally


Who doesn’t love Where’s Wally, hours of fun pouring over pages looking for him. The local library was my favorite hangout when I was younger and it was the only place where I could get my hands on Where’s Wally books.

There is another less famous search game that can be played and all one needs is a world atlas, luckily we had one at home. It’s really simple open random page in the world atlas, pick an obscure place on the map, say the name of the place to everyone in the group and see how long it takes for them to find it. The great part is that it was a game that could involve a group of people or even two teams.

SC Key_to_Section_maps,_plates_22_to_36,_of_the_Indian_Empire

Never pick a major city, that’s way to easy. Mix things up and pick a river, that’ll throw them off. Eyes scanning, fingers moving slowly grid by grid to see who finds it first. I guess that is how my fascination with maps and the world began. I always wondered what it be like to live in those far-flung places that would be exotic to me but normal to its natives. I wondered how they lived, what they did, what they liked.