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Pet Peeve (one of many)

Just one of those things that I find annoying and that I don’t understand, girls who wear longer length tops as dresses and leggings as pants. Someone please explain this to me. All they do is end up looking under dressed and well….like a skank or slut or fugly slut. Nuff said.


Don’t you just hate it when…….

……colleagues say “Aw you look like a girl today”? This is one of my major pet peeves. What exactly are they implying? That I look like a boy or the dogs breakfast all the other days? I don’t like wearing make up often and I love my sneakers, but the minute I wear a dress and put on some eye pencil and gloss (that is the extent of my make up) people start acting stupid around me. This first question is followed by a second and even more annoying question “So what’s his name?” Ok so now you saying that I only make myself pretty for a man?

Maybe I need to lighten up or maybe you all just need a nice warm glass of shut the hell up.

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Don’t you just hate it when

… on the bus or train and there is this asshole who happens to be listening to his music on his cellphone but without any earphones. I mean seriously why subject the rest of us to your music? Do you think I want to listen Lil Wayne on some cheap tinny phone so early in the morning and on an empty stomach? It’s not a  boom box so stop holding it like one. And surely if you can afford a phone you can afford earphones, wait didn’t the phone come with earphones when you bought it?  Now to avoid this I have put the volume of my earphones on full blast causing my poor eardrums to vibrate and quite possibly causing long term damage to my hearing, so gee thanks for that.