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Be the change you want to see in the world

When I was growing up I found my Mom to be quite and intimidating and scary. As a kid you don’t always know the full story when it comes to family politics but she as always angry and looked a little bit like this: Sorry Mom (Love you)

But then something happened I’m not sure what but she did a 360 and became one of the kindest, most unselfish and caring person I know. Or maybe she always was all these things but life or circumstances prevented her from showing everyone who she really was. Now she reminds me of him:

She’s brave and very wise and capable of solving any problem including defeating the dark lord and making you feel better even if it’s just by making me a cup of tea.

So you see we are capable of changing and becoming better people.

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When I was a kid…….

Picture courtesy of – awesome new website I discovered.

I remember when I was growing up and as kids we used to play games, I mean real games. Hours spent outside playing tag, hide and seek, 5 stones, nickies, hopscotch, 3 sticks, skipping and sometimes even making up new games as you go along. Or playing snakes & ladders and murderer & detective when it’s raining outside and you’re forced to play indoors. Simpler times I tell you. Damn kids today are just spoilt and lazy.

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Sneakers, tomboys and toy soldiers

Those who know me well will know that I heart sneakers. You will rarely find me in heels, in fact scrap rarely, you will never find me in heels. And I almost never wear make up. Me feeling comfortable is way more important than looking cool and I’m always on the hunt for the next great sneaker.

Growing up I much preferred playing with cars, marbles, spinning tops and toy soldiers and my Barbie had to wait her patiently in line for her turn.

I found another great blog – this one is about tomboys, powerful women who made an impact on the world as we know it today and there is some great fashion thrown in as well. I think tomboys have the advantage of not giving a crap about what people think of them which is what makes them strong and independent. Something I think we woman can all aspire to be.

Currently me fave sneakers below – I wear them to death – almost never leave home without wearing one of these (well these and the bags under my eyes which I am led to believe is making a comeback) And Chuck Taylors are pretty much iconic and have reached cult status in todays times.

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Didn’t you just hate it when….

….you were growing up and your mom bought you new clothes and then you had to wait for a special occassion before you could wear it. To me that was just plain cruel and borders on child abuse. I don’t know about other kids but I always wondered “What if I died before I get to wear my new clothes?” Anyway I never did die and waited not-so-patiently for some “special occassion” that was never really special to me but as kids we are resilient and soon those new clothes became old clothes and the whole cycle would start anew.