My curriculum vitae aka the quilt

A quilt is traditionally composed of three layers, it  is distinguishable because it is pieced together from several pieces – modified definition to suit my purposes.

This is what I think my CV look likes – I’ve had 7 ‘real’ jobs before the age of 30. Back in the day when people finished school and started working for a company it was for good. You started in your early 20’s and worked until retirement, loyalty to the company and all that. These days however people today (myself included) our loyalties are really only to ourselves.

Speaking for myself I’m curious by nature, always wanting to learn something and I get bored easily. This is why after a year in any job I’m just about ready to move on to the next thing although generally I stay in a post for 2 years at most. People are always making this big deal about moving around too much and telling you how bad it looks that you can never seem to stay in one job long enough.

What’s so bad about having a diverse working background? You probably better equipped to come up with solutions because you can be more objective and your knowledge and experience is not restricted to one industry/field.


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