How WordPress tricks you into thinking you have more readers

A while back, like a few months ago I went from having 80 readers to 380 readers. So of course I was like yowzer!! Then I thought, uh? That’s interesting why didn’t I get a notification about these lovely 300 readers that started following my blog in one day. Also my daily stats remained pretty much unchanged. How is that possible? Did these people just click follow without checking out a single post? Like seriously who does that? After a bit more investigating I realised that all WordPress did was add my Facebook friends to my blog followers. That’s not right. I mean that’s not really a true reflection of the amount of people who my drivel. I obviously have no clue how to edit my settings so that it only shows my actual subscribed readers. Besides do I really want to do that? At least this way you guys will think that there are close to 400 people reading my blog. Suck it losers.

Then there was also the day I thought I got freshly pressed. My stats just went ape-shit and I got over 2000 views in a span of a few hours. That is unprecedented. That shit just does not happen in my world. When it got close to 3000 I thought I should stop by the freshly pressed page, Nada! Of course I wasn’t there and of course I wasn’t notified that I was freshly pressed, because duh I wasn’t. So I checked which post it was that was driving all this traffic to my blog, a most disappointing discovery. It turned out to be a post I did on Joe Manganiello who is a plays a werewolf in the tv series Trueblood.  So why all the hoopla now about a post I did last year? It appears he is in Channing Tatum’s new film called Magic Mike and it’s about male strippers.

Well there you go and here I thought it would be because of my amazing writing ability. Alas women just like looking at images of really well-built, good-looking half-naked men. No mystery there.



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