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Sorry but you’re just not believable

Have you ever noticed how celebs tend to say the same thing when they get interviewed, especially movie stars. Below is some of the drivel that comes out of their mouths that we are expected to believe:

“I can totally relate to this character/role” – Really? You’ve said that for every single film you have been in. So you can relate to being an alcoholic rock star, a deaf-mute, a not so gracefully aging mother in law, a hermit, a soldier, a leper, an extra in a cheesy teen movie, victim # 3 in Scream 5, insert any other character you can think of here______, etc. We certainly are talented aren’t we?

“Everyone on set was really close, like family” – Erm….by close you mean ‘I slept with my co-star’  and basically you were the reason his family and marriage fell apart

“I simply love all his work” – All of it? Even at the beginning of his career when he was nobody.

“She’s a brilliant actress” – Meaning we couldn’t stand the sight of each other, our trailers had to be on opposite ends of the set to ensure there were no cat fights.

“I had to work out 6 hours a day” – We used a body double, stuntman/woman and made sure the camera only ever shot my good side.

“I enjoy doing independent films (where I get no recognition and not a hope in hell of ever getting an Oscar” – I couldn’t get a part in any of the good movies with actual A-listers so it was either this or porn.

“He’s just the best director I’ve ever worked with” – Yeah yeah, until the next movie with this years “it” director comes along.


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