Books I wish they would make movies of

Sometimes I feel that there should never be film adaptations from books because too often they get it so wrong. However when they get it right they make the reader happy that the writers vision was honoured.

Tom Clancy – Without Remorse – The story of John Kelly  and how he avenges the death of the woman he loved by taking down a large drug and prostitution ring – I mean who doesn’t love all the action of a vigilante rampage?

Dalene Mathee – Kringe in ‘n bos – a 1984 Afrikaans novel based in the Knysna Forest about a young man named Saul and an old wise elephant Oupoot and how they have to fight to save their worlds.

A Bryce Courtenay Trilogy because not only are trilogies still all the rage but they are so normal these days that it’s weird when a movie isn’t a trilogy

  1. The Potato Factory – set in the early 19th century it is story about Ikey Solomons and Mary Abacus and their exile from England to Tasmania
  2. Tommo and Hawk – 2 brothers (Mary’s 2 sons) deals with their kidnapping and their trials and tribulations that follow.
  3. Solomon’s Song – the battle between the 2 Solomon’s families continue.

Roald Dahl – The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar – A greedy gambler who starts a yoga training program that will allow him to cheat at cards. However after 3 years of training he decides to use his powers for good and over a period of twenty years he travels to casinos all over the world and uses the money to set up orphanages in every country he visits.

Paulo Coelho – The Alchemist – I’m always going on and on about this book so would love to be able to see it on the big screen. A young man travels from Spain to Egypt in search of his treasure and destiny.


When funny isn’t funny anymore

Ok I get it ha ha ha it was funny the first few times. In fact it was even funnier when I said it. But is it just me or is becoming less funny by the nanosecond? I’m sure you’re getting tired of it as well. The Twilight jokes, the Justin Bieber jokes, the Harry Potter jokes.

Everyone including their smelly drunk uncle and his three-legged dog has got a Twilight joke or snarky comment. It’s so funny that it’s not funny. When it was only the elite few that was sniggering about it well then it was still ok. But now everyone is doing it and which is such a turn off for me. The minute something becomes too popular I run in the opposite direction. So now I will have to start gushing about Edward ‘s pale sparkly skin. Those are the rules. My rules but they still count.

For now I’ll laugh because well it really still is kinda funny. Laugh with me now.


horrible bosses in the office

Really enjoyed this movie especially Jennifer Aniston’s character – the man-eater. Some of the humour is a bit slap stick but hey we can’t be serious all the time. As for the other bosses I can relate. At some point in everyone’s life you had to deal with a horrible boss. Which is why I want to eventually work for myself.

I’ve always had a problem with authority from as far back as I can remember, even at school. I really don’t like people telling me what I must do, when I must do it and how I must do it.  The workplace is fraught with all kinds of stress and the last thing I need is someone watching my every move.

Letter to my Soulmate

Dear Soulmate

Did you know that there are over 7 billion people in this world spread across 196 countries? Well I just thought you should know that. I also want to ask your forgiveness as I realise that I have some unrealistic expectations of you.

Forgive me for assuming that you live in the road/neighbourhood/town/city/country that I live in.

Forgive me for assuming that we have the same religion.

Forgive me for assuming that we speak the same language.

Forgive me for assuming we are the same ethnicity.

Forgive me for assuming that you are a member of the opposite sex.

Forgive me for assuming that we will meet in our 20’s have a big white wedding and then promptly proceed to move into our home with its lovely white picket fences.

Forgive me for not waiting for you and deciding to be with someone, anyone because I do not want to feel lonely.

Forgive me for not choosing solitude to work on my happiness and personal growth so that when we do meet I will already be the best of me.

Forgive me for having a list of what I think you should look like and be like.

Forgive me for not opening myself up to opportunities so that I can find and meet you.

Forgive me for watching too many romantic films as it has skewed my perception of what and who you are.

Forgive me for thinking that we are destined to spend the rest of our lives together.

Forgive me for thinking that you are the answer to all my problems.

I know that despite my ignorance you will forgive me because you understand me completely.

Love Always,


People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life. – Elizabeth Gilbert, journalist and author of Eat, Pray Love


Cougar Town

I’ve never been much of Twilight fan, sorry guys but I just don’t get all the hype. Pale glittery skin and teenage angst doesn’t get my pulse racing. I have however seen all the movies so far and only enjoy the parts of the film where the wolf pack is shown. In fact I can honestly say that is the only reason why I still bother to watch anything this franchise spews out. I do think the acting has improved with each film and Edward looks remarkably less constipated. The wedding in the latest film Breaking Dawn was beautiful and I know almost every woman who saw Bella’s dress is now planning her dream wedding or thinking of renewing her vows, don’t worry ladies you too can own this Carolina Herrera dress for the bargain price of $35 000. The Manolo Blahnik shoes called the Swan will only set you back by $1295 (also available in black and fuchsia)

I digress, I now realise that when the first movie came out in 2008 Taylor Lautner was only 16. Sixteen! I was a grown ass woman perving on a child. I thought I was done with celeb crushes in my teens but clearly not. Don’t judge I know a lot of older women who goes gaga for Zac Efron and Justin Bieber. Thankfully Taylor is now is 19 which makes it much more acceptable. I know a 10 year age difference still makes me a cougar but at least the dirty things I will do to him will be legal.

Come on, just look at those puppy dog eyes. Hey, I said eyes not abs and stop drooling.

So now that we can legally date I’ve already started planning our dream wedding. I’ve found my dress and shoes that I would like to wear.  As for the venue and reception, nothing fancy. Just a plain and simple wedding somewhere along the coast of Hawaii.

I’ve got talent

“Watch this” I tell my friend TA just as an old re-run of Friends is about to start. We’ve just finished watching Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and she was able to sing along every words of the opening song (very impressive considering this show is like 20 years old I think). However she was even more impressed (shocked, aghast and quite possibly a little disturbed) that I was able to remember and say every line of that particular Friends episode. It wasn’t even that funny – The one with the Laundry Detergent – Uberweis. My talent is also not limited to that particular episode. You can play any episode from season 1 – 10 and I will be able to quote verbatim what they are going to say. This is what happens when you’ve watched the whole show more than 5 times.

I’m thinking I should market this particular skill of mine. I’m not sure how but I’m sure I can go onto some talent show and end up being discovered and making millions. Don’t worry I’ll remember all you little people when I make it to the top.


Keep calm and carry on

You’ve seen this before right? It looks oddly familiar? Well I bet you thought this statement was just pop culture doing what it does best but in actual fact there is some history behind this – read more here. Basically during the second World War the British government commissioned the Ministery of Information (which was responsible for publicity and propaganda) to design posters that would boost the morale of the country and its soldiers. It only some decades later in the year 2000 when these posters were rediscovered. Below are some of my favourites but there’s loads more on the internet.