Don’t let your quest to be different end with you looking the same as everyone else.

We have to realise that no one person is more unique than anyone else – we are all unique.

Never apologise for who you are.

Be true to yourself.

Stop caring what other’s think of you. One better, is to stop listening what others say about you.

Swim upstream but if you’re going downstream/with the flow let no one stop or judge you.

Don’t succumb to peer pressure (it doesn’t end after high school)

Don’t keep up with the Jones’s.

Thinking inside the box is the new think-outside-the-box.

P.S. I do not endorse smoking no matter how cool it may look.


Square peg, Round hole.

Most people when confronted with something or someone new will look for a connection or common ground. Upon finding none we shy away. That’s just human nature. Especially when the idea/person is not popular or widely acceptable. We need constant approval/confirmation from our peers so that we feel we fit in and will only jump on the band wagon after everyone else has. Anyone who does not fit the mould is stereotyped as being too eccentric, unique, crazy or just plain weird.

We are too scared to step out of our comfort zone or to entertain the possibility of being or doing something different. The only thing that is constant is change, yet it is the one thing we fear most. We stick with what we know because we are afraid to closely examine our own lives and forgotten dreams. We constantly make excuses for ourselves to justify our mediocre existence. We will lie if necessary to maintain the illusion of happiness.

Too often people have asked me if am crazy. Define crazy. Is it crazy to dare to do something different? Is it crazy to follow your dreams or believe life is too short and live it to its fullest? I cannot live in fear and do nothing because I am afraid something bad might happen. If I had to live my life according to how others thought I should have, then I wouldn’t have done half the things I did. I find it extremely hard to conform and have always had a problem with anyone in authority. Bottom line, what other people think of me quite frankly is none of my business.

So ask yourself, when last did you listen to your inner voice and act on it?


So now nerds are cool?

It’s fascinating how up until a few years ago anyone wearing big specs was perceived to be nerdy. But now that fashion dictates it cool enough, it is perfectly acceptable to wear glasses. Everyone jumped blindly onto the spectacle bandwagon, the mantra being the bigger the better. Although now in the quest to be unique and different everyone just ends up looking the same.