Less is more…than enough

To tell you the truth I am exhausted. In my quest to keep busy until I leave has bit me in the ass as I knew it would. The past six months has seen me juggling motorbike lessons, learning how to swim, starting a new degree and finishing half of my 1st year subjects, mentoring a teenage girl who lives in a children’s home, continuing my Italian lessons and trying to find time to meet my Italian friend when I can so that I can practise.  All this and still working a 9 to 5, just writing it all down exhausts me.

So yes apparently I can’t do it all. Seeing as the past 6 months were so chaotic I’m going to take the next 6 very slowly. I’m going to eliminate  as much activity as possible. Taking on too much can be extremely stressful and detrimental to your health, trust me. I’ve been getting sick, spraining things and suffering from more headaches than I usually do.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to do absolutely nothing because I am addicted to learning. I’ve got a photography course that starts in a month that I am looking forward to with fast forward photography. So I’ve just got to figure out what to cut out of my life but for now I am just going to take it easy and watch Friends re-runs.


10 things I have learnt this week

1. I’ve missed Sunday morning tea and koeksisters.

2. Apparently I can cook.

3. My goals and dreams keep me going.

4. I miss walking and exercise. Must invest in bicycle.

5. Kindle for PC is cool.

6. I still love studying.

7. Practise really does make perfect.

8. I’m not as patient as I would like to believe I am.

9. I’d make a great travel planner.

10. I haven’t watched TV in so long that I can’t remember when last I did.