It is now just over a year that I have returned from living in Bangkok for a year. Time flies. Bangkok is now a fleeting memory and I yearn to go back. I also celebrate my one year anniversary at my current job. I never would have thought I would enjoy being a corporate drone again. I also however know that this is not something that I can do long term. I am always looking out for the next adventure or challenge.

For the past year I have been working as the home and appliances buyer at South African online retailer. For the first in a really long time I can say that I love my job. Obviously not everyday single day is all rainbows and unicorns but for the most part I enjoy what I do. I fell into a comfort zone of sorts and when they offered to make me permanent as I was on contract I gladly accepted. I even bought myself a car.

I still think about travelling all the time though and I do have an exit strategy all planned out or so I thought. Two weeks ago my company made a huge announcement that they will be merging with an up and coming online retailer. A deafening silence settled over our offices when the announcement was made. There is a good chance that of us will be retrenched and unemployed by the beginning of the new year. My carefully crafted 5 year plan went up in smoke. After the shock and panic wore off, I decided that it was best to remain positive, I work hard and there should be no reason for me to keep my job after the merger. I also thought that if I am let go that this could be an opportunity for me to study full time. With my degree out of the way I will be able to go work in Dubai and start travelling again. Which is what I want anyway – this way I might just get there sooner.

So I guess not all bad news is bad news it could end up being the best thing that happened me. Who knows. I will just have to wait and see what happens. Nothing in life is certain and change is the only constant.

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How to study for a very important exam

I’ve got exams next week and absolutely cannot wait (sarcasm) – This is how I study, I kid you not. This is actually more of a how-not-to.

1. Place textbooks and summarised notes on your desk.

2. Place pen, pencil, ruler and other stationery paraphernalia at right angle to books on desk.

3. Log onto Facebook.

4. Open textbook to Chapter 1, you may also open your notebook with your personal notes.

5. Chat with merry abandonment with ‘friends’ on Facebook.

6. Remove yellow highlighter from pencil bag.

7. Get up and stretch.

8. Whilst up might as well make a cup of tea/coffee.

9. Check emails whilst waiting for water to boil.

10. With tea in hand start reading over study material.

11. Yawn.

12. Check your WordPress blog stats.

13. Check WordPress Freshly Pressed.

14. Check phone for any messages.

15. Try to get through Chapter 1 without killing yourself.

16. Create awesome study playlist.

17. Congrats on finishing Chapter 1.

18. Check out latest YouTube videos.

19. Use yellow highlighter in Chapter 2.

20. Watch one episode of your current favourite series.

21. Feeling peckish? Go make yourself a snack.

22. Halfway through Chapter 2 mix things up and use a green highlighter.

23. Do the dishes.

24. Read same paragraph over and over and still not understand it – read it again. One sentence at a time.

25. Try to finish the next 3 chapters without distractions or interruptions – skip the boring parts and read only the parts that you find interesting.

26. Mind maps.

27. Check out Pinterest and Weheartit for some inspirational study quotes.

28. When you get to the last Chapter listen to the Rocky soundtrack to get you through the last round.

29. Pat yourself on back for covering all the chapters.

30. Get a good nights rest and a healthy breakfast the morning of the exam.

31. Hope and pray that you pass.

32. Forget everything you learnt now that exam is over.