’tis the season to be…….jolly?!?

Yes, it’s December again. Another year flew by, blah, blah, blah. This month can be rough on the budget so be careful. So many parties (4 staff parties?? Is that even allowed?) and I’ve been going out quite a lot. Even did some shopping. Gasp! Me? Shopping? Never, but alas I did and I kinda enjoyed it. Luckily I have amazing self-restraint and only buy things I really need with the odd pleasure purchase thrown in. How often don’t we waste money on the latest fashion and fads only for it to unfashionable a second later or collecting dust at the bottom of the cupboard. Keep it real people. Won’t be going to the shops again if I can help it, these Christmas shoppers are craaaaazy. Overcrowding and sharp elbows are a very lethal combination. My new shoes however are too cool.


Words fail me

This is it. The one all girls dream of having. Real estate heaven. Perfect for just one. I mean it’s bad enough that we want all her shoes and the clothes off her back but we’d also kick to the curb out of her own place.