Countries with scooters

Europe (France, Italy, Spain) and Asia (Thailand, China, Taiwan) are scooter friendly destinations – a good thing as these are all countries on my to-dotravel list.

As I am gaining confidence with every motorbike lesson (lovin’ those lazy eights) I have decided that I will definitely be hiring a scooter when I visit Thailand and Italy end of this year. I’m sure this will beat using public transport or walking and it definitely trumps being stuck in traffic in a car.


It’s like riding a bicycle…

…you never really forget. I sincerely hope this saying is true as end of this month will see me buying one and riding it to work. I haven’t ridden a bicycle since I was 10 years old but how hard can it be right? One of the things that I loved about Barcelona other than the awesome public transportation system was the fact that most people rode bicycles or scooters. I will be emulating this in my life by cycling to work everyday and have also made an appointment to get my learners license for a motorcycle. This way I can lose weight, save money and reduce my carbon footprint all in one go.

And what’s a circa1982 post without any pretty pictures?