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Post office and pen pals

I walked past this Madame Zingara store in Kloof Street called this is not a post office – looks cute will have to check it out soon.

It reminded me of a time when I had pen pals (I was 12) and how I loved getting letters in our post box. I felt like a grown up getting my own mail in those blue and red airmail envelopes. I had 8 pen pals in total all girls except for 1 boy who was from Egypt. The girls were from all over Europe: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Denmark, Greece and Turkey. I enjoyed learning about the people, culture and countries thousands of miles away from where I lived. The anticipation of waiting for a letter to arrive for me and when I actually received a letter was so exciting to me. The only thing I regret was not keeping at it and staying in touch with my pen pals.




Sadly not referring to the festival in Germany which actually happens in September. But if you are looking for things to do in Cape Town in October, look no further.

Italian Culture Week

Cape Town International Kite Festival – 22 & 23 October 2011

Africa’s biggest kite festival which is hosted by Cape Mental Health in association with Heart 104.9FM attracts expert kiters from around the world. You can bring your own kite along if you have one.

The Festival  opens from 10:00 to 18:00 each day at Zandvlei, Muizenberg. Entry is just R15 for adults and R5 for children.


6th International Oriental Dance Festival in Cape Town, South Africa 27th – 30th October 2011

There will be a fringe program at the V&A Waterfront Amphitheatre and Workshop 17 shed next to the Blue Shed Kraft Market. Performances of hundreds of belly dancers all dance levels, from beginner’s to professionals, from all over the world and South Africa. Performances begin at 10am and finish at 6pm on 29th and 30th Oct and entry is FREE of charge!

There will also be a Bazaar where you can buy dancing accessories, jewellery, costumes, food. On Saturday 29th October 2011 they will attempt to break Guinness World Record of “Most people belly dancing simultaneously” Anybody who is able do learn and dance a Belly dance choreography for 5 min, has a Belly Dance jingle belt, skirt or harem pants on is allowed to participate. Participating is free of charge.

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Italian, a way of living.

So as you already know  I am busy learning Italian at Lingo this year and have (honestly, without gushing) the best teacher ever. Fede has a way of making each lesson fun and makes learning Italian so easy. She has a passion and zest for life that is rare and refreshing. She is originally from Verona, Italy and after travelling the world and living in Germany for a few years she finally decided to settle down in South Africa. She has been living here for 10 years now and I am glad she chose humble little Cape Town to be her home. Fede will also be blogging soon, read here to find out more.

If not in Cape Town, I would live in…Buenos Aires 

My dream holiday would be to…anywhere in the world where I have lots of friends to visit 

My current obsessions are…matching colours, pad thai and writing

 I channel my childhood self when I… dress up 

The fictional character I most relate to… the cartoon character :Candy Candy  

If I had to be outdoors all day I would…cycle through a forest

 My favourite quality in a man is…sense of humour

 My favourite quality in a woman is…to keep friendship

 I’m terrified of…cats

 My dream car is …the new 500 Fiat 

My celebrity crush is…Owen Wilson 

My friends and I like to…play with words 

If I could go back in time for one decade it would be…in Barcelona

 As a teenager I was totally into…being against the current 

I tend to splurge on…wigs 

The one thing I love most about my job is…to have fun with my students 

I am currently reading…what I am writing  

I am currently listening to…Adele

If you keen on learning a language but not sure which one I would definitely recommend Italian, Lingo and Fede my mad hatter teacher and soon you too could be living la dolce vita.