10 Things that make me realise I am getting older

cassette and pencil

1. I know what the co-relation is between a VHS cassette and a spoon as well as a mix tape cassette and a pencil.

2. I refer to tv shows and cartoons that my younger cousins have never heard of and love the confused and surprised faces when I know all about a new movie that was based on an old show.

3. I can no longer do hand stands.

4. For some reason I can’t dance until sunrise and still be fresh and rested after only 2 hours of sleep. What’s even more amazing is that I really don’t care.

5. Gravity is becoming harder to fight, and I was never great at physics anyway.

6. I can say “Oh I used to wear those when I was younger” when a ‘new’ fashion trend emerges.

7. I’m a decade closer to life beginning at 40.

8. These new fangled rap stars do not have a clue what real rap or hip hop is about.

9. Beetles weren’t Bugs and Minis weren’t Coopers.

10. Floppy’s and stiffy’s were computer disks – no innuendo intended.


He makes it look so easy

By now I’m sure most of us knows who Spongebob Squarepants is. This is a young guy who has managed to find his dream job and aspires to be the best fry cook flippin krabby patties. He has the cheapest boss ever but he is not in it for the money yet he is independent and has his own place.
He has real balance in his life as he has a few close friends who he enjoys hanging out with whether it is doing karate (keeping fit) or going jelly fishing (having fun) and he still manages to make time for his pet snail Gary.
He’s dangerous attempts at obtain his boating license shows his dedication and positive atttude even though he has failed it many times before.

So I think we should all take a page out of his book and try to have as much fun and to laugh as often as possible. Even his cynical colleague and next door neighbour doesn’t get him down.