How to save R250 every month

I used to be guilty of this but luckily have given up this habit (read addiction) for more than a year now. All girls love a good glossie and we all have our favourite magazines. For some of us it’s weekly a gossip fix and reading about celeb cellulite is just way too fascinating to pass up. For others it’s the only way we can see what currently trending in fashion or just to stay abreast with world events. A week later the magazine is discarded and forgotten about. If you really want to know what’s happening out there spend 30 minutes a week on google or go to your local library as they will have latest magazines and the best part it’s free.

Here’s is what you are actually spending when you buy magazines:

Heat (R20 x 4 = R80, comes out weekly) + Glamour R30 + Marie Claire R30 + Elle R30 + Cosmopolitan R30 + Fairlady R30

Can you see how quickly you can end up spending almost R250 every month.

R250 x 12 = R3 000


a 3 day weekend away with Cape Xtreme


It’s like riding a bicycle…

…you never really forget. I sincerely hope this saying is true as end of this month will see me buying one and riding it to work. I haven’t ridden a bicycle since I was 10 years old but how hard can it be right? One of the things that I loved about Barcelona other than the awesome public transportation system was the fact that most people rode bicycles or scooters. I will be emulating this in my life by cycling to work everyday and have also made an appointment to get my learners license for a motorcycle. This way I can lose weight, save money and reduce my carbon footprint all in one go.

And what’s a circa1982 post without any pretty pictures?

How to save R1000 every month

Part of getting out of debt and saving money is to spend less and live frugally. Too often I have wasted money on unnecessary things, I am not a major spender (in fact I don’t like shopping) but I do tend to spend without thinking or realising that it all adds up.

How many of us cannot survive without that morning cuppa joe or chai? Or buy lunch at work everyday? Below I’ll give you some perspective of how easily we all waste money. Some of us might not buy lunch at work everyday but many of us do.

1 coffee R20 + lunch R30 = R50 x 5 days = R250 x 4 weeks = R1000 x 12 months in a year = R12 000 (which is how much my holiday to Spain and Turkey cost me!!!)

I have challenged myself to pack in lunch for work everyday or at least to have everything I need to make my own lunch at work. Day 1 was successful. I’m also going to start a money journal where everyday I will write down how much I spent and this in turn will show me where I am wasting money

If you really can’t live without your coffee, buy yourself a jar of the best instant coffee out there and once a week treat yourself with coffee from your favorite cafe.