What the travel brochures don’t always tell you

You’ve been planning for months, saving, preparing, flights and accommodation booked, tired of looking at pictures of your destination and rearing to go.

All this preparation does not mean all will run smoothly, here is what the travel brochures don’t tell you:

You will encounter obnoxious border officials on major power trips who will make your life difficult and might not let you enter the country.

Applying for a visa can sometimes be a long sucky process of paperwork and constant following up.

Flights may be much cheaper these days but it still sucks flying economy for 18+ hours with zero leg room and a boozy chatty ‘neighbour’.

People are people, the locals won’t always be friendly. However you should ALWAYS remain polite and courteous.

You might find the locals to be strange and wonder why they do things in a certain way. Respect the differences and remember you are a guest in their country

Even when you pack light, carry your luggage long enough and it will become heavier by the second.

Being constantly on the go during your travels is exhausting.

You will miss food from home (strange but true) even though you are trying new cuisines sometimes you’re just going to want a belly warming stew. You might even get a little homesick but don’t worry to much you’re just missing the familiar.

Some places are normal, dirty, smelly just like back home.


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