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When blogging just isn’t enough anymore

These days it’s not good enough for us bloggers to merely write about our lives. No it seems we need be experts on whichever topic we write about, we need to be able to take Steve McCurry calibre photographs, cooking tutorials that would put Gordon Ramsay to shame, create Pinterest worthy DIY projects and products (all available for sale on Etsy of course) and have a decent Twitter and Facebook following.

Can I not just write for the sake of writing? Or for the pure enjoyment it brings me, to be able to share my thoughts and maybe just maybe connect with one like-minded soul who can relate to what I am going through. There seems to be more pressure on bloggers, all competing for more views, shares, likes and followers. We can’t just be a fashion blogger, We need to be able score free clothes and front row seats at Paris fashion week. Yes, dahlings, I’m sitting next to Anna Wintour this season, didn’t you know? We can’t just be a travel blogger, we need to be able to have all our trips sponsored by hotels or tour companies and give them all glowing reviews. All the while telling our readers how, when and why they must travel to said destination.

If that wasn’t enough we also need to entice our readers with monthly newsletters and promote our self-published upcoming e-book. Blogging is no longer merely about self-expression and sharing. It has evolved into a commercialised and capitalistic beast. Are our words, thoughts and opinions no longer our own? I wonder when I will fall victim to this trend or maybe I already have. But wait let me get back to working on my e-book, hopefully it will be available for sale by the end of this year.


One thought on “When blogging just isn’t enough anymore

  1. Rugaya Links says:

    Absolutely writing should be about expressing yourself,letting yr creative juices flowing and bringing pleasure,escapism and respect from the reader for what the writer offers

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