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Phuket town and Patong beach

So when I needed to extend my visa by another 30 days I could not think of  better place than Phuket but after the 5 hour bus ride I was starting to wonder if it was worth all the trouble. At the Phuket bus station I caught a songtaew to Phuket town and found a place to stay for my 3 days in Phuket.

There is this great street in Phuket Town, Talang Road, filled with amazing little restaurants and coffee shops that offers both Thai and western food. Off Talang Road is a little road called Soi Rommanee (soi literally means side street) has a distinctly European feel to it.  A short walk from Talang Road brings you to the buses that takes one to the nearby beaches. Unfortunately I did not have enough time to see more than one and only managed to make it to Patong beach. Once upon a time, a long time ago Patong beach resembled Thailand, now it is a tourist town on steroids and you have to get there super early to get a decent picture of the beach. By the time I got there it was over run with umbrellas and roasted tanned flesh in speedos. There were longtail boats offering tours to surrounding islands, which is what I probably should have done.



Also isn’t it great when you run into people from your own country when travelling. These lovely ladies below heard me say something in Afrikaans and a friendly chat ensued all the way to the beach.



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