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Cost of living Thailand

In the past year there has been an increased number of South Africans dashing off to Thailand for a holiday. Maybe I only seemed to notice this because I chose Thailand as my destination to teach English. You know when you decide to buy/have recently bought a particular car then it seems as if it is the only type of car on the road. The reason why people flock here is droves other that the culture and climate is because it is affordable. Cheaper than say a holiday to a European country.

I chose Thailand not just because it’s an awesome destination but because things are cheaper here – some things even much cheaper. It’s crazy sometimes how relatively inexpensive certain things can be here. Most websites gives cost of living is dollars or euros but I’m going to give you guys an idea of what things cost in South African Rands, yeah baby, ZAR.

Rent per month – R1500

Taxi ride – R2.50

Bottle of 600ml water – R1.25

2 pieces of fried chicken (better than KFC of even yo momma’s cooking) – R10

340ml tin of coke – R3.75

Bag of bananas – R10

Quarter sliced pineapple – R2.50

500ml strawberry and yogurt smoothie – R6.25

Bag of sugar-coated mini ring doughnuts (dare i say better than Woolies mini glazed doughnuts) – R6.25

Awesome spicy noodles in a cup – R2.50

Butter chicken and yellow rice at S&S Indian Restaurant in Soi 94 Hua Hin – R28

There are so many other things that are cheap I cannot remember it all. Dairy products are mad expensive though but I have become fond (read addicted) to Philadelphia cream cheese. I have yet to price or try the fried grasshoppers, beetles or maggots but I think I’ll give it a pass for now.




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