What is the true meaning of family?

Family is seeing and understanding pain and joy without having to say a word
Family is more than just blood and a genetic connection
Family is protecting and defending your own at great risk to yourself
Family is loving someone when you hate them and cannot bear to see them
Family is watching someone you love die and not moving but staying by their side
Family is getting the worst news in the world and laughing with one another
Family is the only constant you cannot escape
Family is about never really saying goodbye
Family is uncontrollable raw emotion, a never ending see-saw
Family creates pedestals to honour and praise their own
Family is knowing with absolute certainty that you are loved even when you are alone
Family is a reflection of our many selves
Family is believing in others when they do not believe in themselves
And it is family not hope that was all that was left in that box
I am leaving to live in Thailand in less than a week and the reality of it has just set in. My family will be dearly missed as well as many personal milestones. My thoughts, love and prayers will be with them for as long as I am away.
I forsee many tears ahead in this coming week.


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