Roald Dahl’s 6 tips for every fiction writer

Lately I’ve been reading a lot sites and blogs that gives aspiring writers (like me) tips on how to become a better writer. It is a continual learning process and only practise makes perfect.

I also came across a list of 6 qualities Roald Dahl believes every fiction writer should have:

1. You should have a lively imagination.

I’ve been daydreaming all my life and my imagination has taken on a life of its own so this is an easy one for me.

2. You should be able to write well.

I would like to believe I get better every time I submit a new post or every time I manage to finish another chapter of my book.

3. You must have stamina.

This is something I can work as I tend to become bored easily and then just give up.

4. You must be a perfectionist.

I do set incredibly high standards and I tend to be too hard on myself as well.

5. It helps if you have a sense of humour.

This one should be easy but many times I take myself too seriously in fact I have been told I am too serious but when I let my guard down there is a sense of humour lurking there that just needs to be encouraged and nurtured.

And the most important rule of all…

6. You must have a degree of humility. The writer who thinks that his work is marvellous is heading for trouble.

I agree with this one the most because I absolutely hate every single word I write and I am always doubting myself. This means I am well on  my way to becoming a writer. The only tip that is not on the list is Do Not Procrastinate. I am a master procrastinator especially when it comes to writing, it really is amazing what you can get done when you’re busy avoiding doing something else.


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