Where do blogs go to die? It’s been a year and I’m still here.

There is a an old tale that says if an elephant dies of natural causes its remains are never found. There are legends and myths of elephant graveyards that no one can find. I’m sure there is a scientific reason for this, nature has a way of taking care of everything and I’m sure elephant remains return to the earth and so the circle of life continues.

The mystery of the lost sock still eludes us. Where do all the lost socks go?  You throw a pair in the wash but one of it mysteriously disappears. Well apparently they go to some Ibiza island and party up a storm. See, a logical explanation for everything.

But where do dying blogs go? I’ve followed blogs where for some reason the blogger ceases to submit any new posts. Bloggers who I not only found to be funny and entertaining but also really damn good writers. So where did they go? I can only speculate so I’ve come up with a list of what I think are reasonable enough reasons why these blogs plummeted into a sharp sudden death. So where did Blogger go?

  • Death. I know this seems dark but well if Blogger died then it stands to reason that s/he is not able to write anymore.
  • Vogue or Times magazine headhunted Blogger who now has his/her own column.
  • Blogger abducted and poked by aliens.
  • Blogger became a mormon.
  • Blogger finally found a publisher for their novel, promptly signed a 3 book deal and sold the movies rights to Warner Brothers.
  • Blogger joined a cult and had 11 children – having 11 children I am sure leaves little time for writing.

So you see there are loads of reasons including ones I am sure I have not even thought of. Yet somehow I stuck by it and I completely missed the fact that I have been blogging for more than a year now. I am quite proud of myself.


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