Hibernation and Inspiration

Winter is slowly creeping onto Cape Town. Days are becoming shorter and nights are longer and I am finally reaching for that second blanket to ward off the now ever-present chill in the air. The morning view from bedroom window has changed. Instead of a cloudless mountain and light streaming in early morning I now only see darkness and dark grey clouds hanging over Table Mountain promising rain. Soon there will be day after day of persistent rains.

I say the bears have the right idea. They sleep all throughout winter. Their heart rate and metabolic rate slows down  (that sounds right because I move less in winter anyway) and they get to eat a really huge meal before the big sleep. So imagine a feast and a really really really long nap, I think it’s that same comatose feeling after a huge Sunday lunch. I guess I could live without the extra fur though. Either way it’s not as if my legs will see sunlight until September.

The only good thing to come from these colder days is that I am writing more. I am forcing myself to write for half an hour everyday. I was feeling uninspired for so long that I was never sure what to write but by forcing myself I am amazed that I have managed to finish a chapter this week.

Enjoy your weekend my lovely readers!


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