All the single ladies, now put your hands up!

I’m not talking about the anxious still heart-broken single girl who just came out of a relationship and is already looking for her next boyfriend because the thought of being on her own is too scary. She still has her journey of self-discovery to make and still has to learn how to deal with silence and being on her own.

I am talking about the single girl who is happy being on her own. The single girl who is not out there looking for love because she knows it will find her when she is not looking because she is having too much fun. This single girl is confident. She does not apologise for who she is. She is accomplished. She only does things she loves doing. She waits on no one and she does not need to check with anyone if she wants to do something or go somewhere. She stays in PJ’s whole day if she wants to – without make up! She can party all night if she wants to or she can spend the whole night watching a series.

The trick to retain these awesome single girl superpowers when you’re in a relationship is to actively still be yourself and do what you love.


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