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Fashion trends that annoy Part 2

It’s good to know I’m not all alone with my neurosis and that other people suffer from the same intolerance to fads and just pure people craziness. This list is from a new reader – welcome aboard Sam.

Gold teeth – not entirely sure when this became attractive.

Army boots (to be honest these I kind like but the reality is we’re not in the army)

 Boyfriend jeans (It’s not really your boyfriend’s jeans and you know it)

Short shorts, high-waisted shorts and the peek-a-boo pockets – a big no

Ke$ha and her star make up

Tattoos on fingers – as if wrists and ankles weren’t bad enough

And last but not least the CHINA TOWN floral pants with the non-removable tan belt (yes Sam they do appear to be everywhere I look)



5 thoughts on “Fashion trends that annoy Part 2

  1. ….I have to agree with most, but I love the army boot things. Here they are everywhere: because a lot of the youngin’ are in the military(required), so they seemed to be even more present on those who other older and maybe reminded them of their service years? I think that if you find the right style, they can be really great. I always feel a bit more “tough” in them and love to wear them with a dress. Everything else, I agree. Those gold teeth: what??? And anything that Kesha promotes is tainted.

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